Trump Ups his “Kill the Poor” Game

Via The Root, cheeto hitler signed a fucking executive order mandating that people on welfare must work or lose benefits. This kind of policy has been demonstrated to kill people dead in the UK.

Maybe he figured out that the demographic that has lost the most economically under him was the very group that voted for him – upper middle class, mostly white people – and he wanted to extend the damage to poor people who would have prevented his election if we weren’t hedged out of voting so hard. Or maybe he just wanted to make good on a life’s dream and see us in the ground.

I’m fortunate to not be one of the people who will be killed by this specific turn of policy, but nonetheless,

Eat shit and die, Mr. President, and all your bloodsucking racist greedlord friends. That’s not a threat, it’s a request. Ya better think about it baby.

EDIT TO ADD – Significant oversight in this article: I should have mentioned this will affect the disabled, primarily. They’ll be the first to go, as it always is with nazis. Smash American Fascism Now.


  1. says

    I don’t know how to say this except that he appears to be an actual nihilist – he seems to want to destroy everything that believed in him, in order to reward them for their belief. Meanwhile, he wants to destroy everything that opposes him, too. I don’t think he’s a grand glorious nihilist who wants to see the world burn but he sure wants to see everything beautiful covered in shit.

  2. says

    Nihilism can have a kind of beauty in it, depending on how it’s practiced. But he has to have shit on that too. Shit for everything. It’s a dookie planet, a planet of dookie.

  3. lanir says

    Oh wonderful. So now Walmart and McDonalds aren’t just shitty employers who deliberately pay their fulltime employees too little to live on so they need welfare to survive, but now they get to claim they’re the good guys for helping these people get the government assistance they need? Goddamn moochers and looters.

  4. says

    In the breakroom at Walmart, they have phone numbers for some fake social services the company provides, including a suicide help line. I kinda wonder about the suicide rates for Walmrat empleados vs. the general population.

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