Steampunk Decorating Ideas for the Holidays?

In “I need a break from politics and impending nuclear war” news:  The cicadas have been shedding at quite an impressive rate this summer.  Or I’ve just been outside more to notice.

We usually put “Darwin finches” on our All-Purpose Winter Holiday Tree, but I’m thinking maybe we need to collect these guys, get some little brass gears and a glue gun, and go with a steampunk theme this year?

Though I’m not sure how the cat, who seems to enjoy the plastic tree full of feathery things, would feel about this.

A group of cicada shells

They’re already putting together a garland….



  1. Timberwoof says

    Hmmm. I’d have to hide the servers and modems and switches in The Space Under The Stairs behind a facade of plumbing, valves, pressure gauges, pull cords, speaking tubes, bells, and whistles.

  2. chuckonpiggott says

    That is not a winter holiday tree. That is a Christmas tree. The orange shitgibbon will have you know that. You will say Christmas from now on!!!!!