From Around the Web: 8 January 2017

A few links of interest from around the web:

  • Roxane Gay has a wonderful essay in Poetry Magazine regarding her appreciation of poetry: “Reading poetry is such a thrill that I often feel like I am getting away with something.”
  • Greta Christina’s post, “Depression and Novelty,” explores the importance of new experiences to those of us who get caught in the loop of harmful moods: “As long as it’s reasonably pleasant (or at least not actively unpleasant), novelty of almost any kind knocks me out of my self-perpetuating spirals, fairly reliably, at least for a while.”
  • In this week’s letter to an elected official, I wrote to my state senator to express my opposition to Senate Bill 6, the so-called “Privacy Protection Act.”  Here’s an article from the Texas Tribune on the bill: “With bathroom bill, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick plows into ‘tough fight’“.  I’ll post more on this in the FREETHOUGHT RESISTANCE blog.

On the topic of writing to elected folks, I may start posting the content of my letters if that would be useful–let me know.  Caveat here is that I’m writing to my Texas state representative and senator, so the content may not always be relevant to everyone who’s writing letters.