Happy Backyard BBQ Day

We’ve got the burgers
Got the dogs
Chicken wings
And ribs of hogs
Ears of corn
Some pickled beets
Eggplant, if
You don’t want meats
Fresh-picked berries
Tons of cheese
Buttered green beans,
Garden peas
Lots of beer
Lots of wine
Water, juices,
Every kind
All partaking,
None abstaining…

Just like clockwork,
Now it’s raining.

It’s a pleasant enough rain, but steady enough to prohibit any grilling. So I’m inside with Canadian beer and England and Germany on the TV playing for 3rd place. Pretty damn good day, actually. I hope you and yours are doing well as well.


  1. says

    So what’s this day we celebrate,
    That we freed ourselves from a tyrant’s state
    And built a land that freedom taught,
    A land that peace and prosperity brought.
    And now, in two and a quarter centuries’ course,
    We’re mired in poverty, pollution, wars.
    Still I am happy, it’s not cursory…
    This day is my wedding anniversary.
    Forty-five years of wedded bliss,
    No worldly woes can diminish this!
    So feast and toast and grill and roast,
    Of all life’s values, Love’s the most.

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