And The Award For “Best Use Of ‘God'” Goes To…

“God” may be humankind’s strangest invention—
At least, that’s the way I am feeling.
From ineffable force, too transcendent to mention
To “bearded guy up on the ceiling”

The “best use of God” is an interesting question—
From painting, to poetry, to particle—
From similes anchored in subtle suggestion
To claims of the genuine article

We’ve used God in pledges; we’ve used God on money
And yes, in that book on the shelf
Again and again, but you know, it’s just funny
He never shows up by Himself

Could you pick a favorite? Your own favorite “God”?
It only makes sense, I suppose;
My answer, I think, though I know this sounds odd…
God only knows.

Actually, I mean “God Only Knows”:

And for those of us who like knowing how our sausage, legislature, and art are made, some cool behind-the-scenes audio from the recording sessions: Part One and Part Two.

You may feel free to be wrong disagree; if so, what would you nominate as the best use of “God”?


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