Suit. (Ok Alright Ok Alright)

Cuttlecap tip to Kylie, and to RTR-FM (Perth). I got my official pledge drive swag today! I have a card good for discounts all over Perth… which is only a few stone’s throws away from being the exact opposite point on the planet. I have an RTR-FM tote bag (I already proudly wear my RTR-FM t-shirt)! And yes, of course I do listen, though “Breakfast with Barr” and “Morning Magazine” are evening shows for me.
Anyway, this song is new to me, though it is a couple of years old in Australia. (Don’t read the youtube comments! My goodness, a cute pop hook is turned into a sign of All That Is Wrong In The World…) But here, enjoy “Boom! Bap! Pow!“… and if you already know the song, then why the hell didn’t you tell me about this band? “So Heavy” (the album) is just plain fun.

I like the song better than the video…. but I gotta say, the video is growing on me.


  1. zackoz says

    Perth is a lovely city, well worth a visit.

    But indeed it is very isolated.

    it’s closer to Jakarta than to Sydney.

    Even Aussies from other states regard it as very far away.

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