So I (think I) finished all the various little “jump through this hoop!” tasks involved in publishing. I see now why publishers exist–that’s a lot of crap to wade through. But since no publisher came begging…

I just ordered the very first copy of “Ink”, to see if it is worth offering to the rest of you. (I’m also working on an E-edition, but strangely, right now the cover art is what’s getting in the way. I expect progress soon… within this lifetime.)

In 5-15 days, I’ll get that copy, and if all is well with it (hell, if all is even remotely close to well), it will be made available to both of you all of you.

It’s really strange–I swing back and forth from being incredibly proud of these verses, to being utterly ashamed of them; from delight that I wrote this or that turn of phrase, to guilt that I would dare expect anyone to pay for this tripe. I wonder if such feelings are shared by people who have publishing companies behind them.

But having just spent a couple of hours reading my own verses aloud (and enjoying it immensely), I am currently eager to see what the actual physical book looks like. And, assuming that I can figure out the problem, the E-book version should be out about the time I get (and, I hope, approve of) the dead tree version. (right now, the e-version is clipping about a fifth of my sigil off of the cover–I have no idea why.)

Funny. At one point, I thought I’d have a book out last year at this time. Silly me. But it really looks like there will be one this year. In just a week or so.

I hope.


  1. Cuttlefish says

    Alas, no calendar, at least this year. That’s actually considerably more work than I thought it would be.

  2. Al Dente says

    (right now, the e-version is clipping about a fifth of my sigil off of the cover–I have no idea why.

    I know the answer to that one. The e-gods are angry at you for not performing the necessary rituals to please them. A quick prayer or three thrown at them would have been enough. But you were too arrogant, too egotistical, too atheist to placate them. Now they’ll need evidence that you want to make them happy. The sacrifice of a virgin gerbil might help, especially if you write and sing a hymn of praise at the e-gods. For the sake of your book, start haunting pet shops looking for pre-pubiscent rodents.

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