National Poetry Month–Guest Poet 5: Salty Current

I have always loved the writing of the person I only know as SC, or Salty Current. Intelligent, emotional, well-crafted in prose and in poetry, her writing is always worth the reading (and always far more poetic than mine; I am far too chained to rhyme and meter, and SC is one of the few who makes me regret that). So I’ll direct you here, to a recent poem she quite incorrectly predicted I would hate. And then I’ll cheat a bit, and quote a separate poem, linked at the above, also written for National Poetry Week, and which I just absolutely love:

Three Dead Animals

The bullfighter, writer, and sportsman Ignacio Sánchez Mejías died
the morning of 13 August, 1934.

The bull Granadino died
around that time.

The poet Federico García Lorca died
in the same era.


  1. says

    I’m glad the bull is included.
    I feel only limited sympathy for someone who’s life’s work was torturing animals to death. But the slow tolling of “A las cinco dela tarde” has remained with me. Should dig out that book of ’27 poets…

  2. Trebuchet says

    It’s taken me a whole day to realize, I think, why “Salty Current” sounded familiar: The Mermaid in the Hudson. Is that right? It looks like the whole book is no longer on line, which ruins my plans to go re-read it. Guess I should buy the dead-tree version!

  3. allan says

    Delft, limited sympathy? No sympathy here. I’m always pleased to see a good goring in the bullring. At least the Catalans have banned this medieval barbarity.

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