1. says

    I’m Pope-eye the papal man
    I live in a Vati-can
    with a hole in the roof
    where the smoke goes poof
    I’m Pope-eye the papal man

    (with apologies to generations of skool kids, and watering cans with holes in the middle)

  2. Pierce R. Butler says

    richardelguru @ # 1 – Have you noticed that the signs of a certain fried-chicken franchise look like they actually read,



  3. Randomfactor says

    OK, there’s a new pope. Nothing says they have to unlock the conclave doors, right? Seal ’em in there–the loss of the Sistine would be a small price to pay.

  4. Joan says

    We have plenty of smoke to announce the new pope
    And some bells too, for those who are hearers.
    Still transparency seems to still be a big joke.
    No surprise that they left out the mirrors.

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