Vestigial Brains?

Strange. While following the trail back from the Bananaman song, I stumbled across a comment from over on Pharyngula in 2009 that I don’t think I have ever posted up on my own place (got busy writing Bananaman and forgot all about it):

If we load up the creationists and put them on the moon,
Then I bet a million dollars (if I had the cash) that soon,
Through the pressures of selection, and the metabolic cost,
Given twenty generations, that their brains have all been lost.
And like eyeless fish, or wingless birds, these brainless fools survive,
Thanks to natural selection, as the dumbest fucks alive.


  1. PatrickG says

    Would you mind terribly if I reposted this (with attribution)? I’m not sure it’s worth the Facebook fight, but it’s just so wonderfully apt for my purposes. :)

  2. PatrickG says

    Thanks! I figured you wouldn’t mind, but better to ask first.

    Though since I have your attention, I’ll observe again that PZ is usurping your logo on the main page. You’d think he’d have more respect for a fellow cephalopod.

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