The Cross On The Hill (Is There For Everyone)

Stephen Colbert takes Justice Scalia to task, and (importantly, if we are to convince religious believers that separation of church and state is for their benefit) shows the desecration of the cross inherent in Scalia’s view. Video, after the jump:

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Reminds me of one of my old verses. I’ll excerpt it here:

The cross on the hill was a beautiful sight
On the days when the sky was most bluish;
It stood for the soldiers who gave up their lives
Well, except when the soldiers were Jewish.

The cross on the hill, it looked rugged and old
Though the city maintained it as newish;
The congressman said that it stood for the dead
Well, unless they were atheist, Muslim, or Jewish.

The cross on the hill was a secular thing—
That’s a lie, but it kinda sounds truish—
The judge said it symbolized service and loss
Well, except for the Buddhists, the Hindus, the Pagans, the Jains, the Confucians, the Shinto, the Sikh, the Druids, the Wiccans, Baha’i, Hare Krishna, Zoroastrian, Scientologists, atheists, Muslim or Jewish. Or the religions of the tribal nations who once owned the land the cross is on.


  1. Cuttlefish says

    Good ear! It was meant to break form twice–first by extending the number of feet, and then by obliterating the feet altogether.

  2. Crudely Wrott says

    Sorry, Harry. I owe you an “s”.

    Blushes and squirts ink . . .
    [hey, we’ve all been there… dc]

  3. Cuttlefish says

    I had never heard that song before…

    you are officially very weird, CW. (Join the club)

  4. Crudely Wrott says

    Thank you, Dear Cuttle.

    You’ve always helped me to feel right at home and that’s all right.

  5. Crudely Wrott says

    [hey, we’ve all been there… dc]

    I’ve no idea where that came from though I do appreciate the sentiment. That line just showed up in my comment #4. I’m quite sure I didn’t put it there. Is there someone named dc lollygagging about?

    This blog is officially weird, Cuttle. Nice.

  6. Cuttlefish says

    Sorry, CW–the bracketed comments are mine. I had hoped that my initials would make that clear, but I did forget to italicize, which I had done all previous times I had commented. My fault completely; I beg your forgiveness. DC

  7. Crudely Wrott says

    For what it’s worth, a short rhyme I wrote when I was eighteen:

    I wish that I could be a cloud
    Doing what I do out loud.
    Living free of love and hate,
    When things get tense, just dissipate.

    OK, I already said I was a kid when I wrote it. Chuckling knowingly when I look back, I am.


  8. says

    That clip was funny, I don’t watch Colbert that often. Scalia is an assclown…he really is an embarrassment to the bench…I read the other day that Colbert is a practicing Catholic…he better be careful or Cardinal Dolan will start bitching about him too…

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