So yesterday was my biggest day (in terms of hits) since I have been here at Freethought Blogs.

Because I wrote a particularly moving verse? No. Because my satire poked a hole in the festering blister that is politics? No. Because the pope finally noticed me and sent his minions to… nope. Because Gilbert & Sullivan fans the world over have united in… nope.

Because I showed a video from Bill O’Reilly.

lots more, and Tim Minchin video, following the jump:

Last year to the day, I had my biggest day (in terms of hits) ever. More than double what I got yesterday. Yes, before hits had any chance of earning me money. You might remember. You might not.

So my two biggest days in blogging have really nothing to do with anything I have written. You know what? That’s not bad. I’ve been doing this for nearly 5 years now, and *most* of my biggest posts are my own. I have written several hundred verses since starting this blog, and a handful of them are not half bad. Some of them suck horribly, but what do you want? Perfection?


  1. Cuttlefish says

    …and then, this morning, somebody shows some love and tucks a donation in the tip jar.

    Thank you!

  2. EmuSam says

    Because you mentioned Gilbert and Sullivan and this needs to be quoted more often.

    LORD CH. No. It’s a nice point. I don’t know that I ever met it before. But my difficulty is that at present there’s no evidence before the Court that chorused Nature has interested herself in the matter.
    STREPH. No evidence! You have my word for it. I tell you that she bade me take my love.
    LORD CH. Ah! But, my good sir, you mustn’t tell us what she told you – it’s not evidence. Now an affidavit from a thunderstorm, or a few words on oath from a heavy shower, would meet with all the attention they deserve.
    STREPH. And have you the heart to apply the prosaic rules of evidence to a case which bubbles over with poetical emotion?
    LORD CH. Distinctly. I have always kept my duty strictly before my eyes, and it is to that fact that I owe my advancement to my present distinguished position.

    I always read The Digital Cuttlefish.

  3. says

    No DC,
    I don’t want perfection. I like you just the way you are. I think I was here from the very first day (or maybe the second), and I’ll be here ’till the end.

  4. Cuttlefish says

    Yes, Makita! I remember you from the early days of the old blog! A favorite and very welcome visitor!

  5. says

    I love your verses, Cuttlefish, and I have your book, too! I realized recently that blog hits have more to do with the mysteries of what is sweeping through the zeitgeist than I would like. Recent posts about the reason rally (and the lack of coverage) brought more visitors than I’d ever had to my modest blog, and now that I’m writing regular posts again, the visitors have really dropped off.

    I suppose you could play to the view hits – but I suspect your inspiration for those wonderful poems would probably dry up then.

    Maybe for fun, try to work in “Bill O’RIelly” or “GLenn Beck” and similar into your verses! Hey, those names are pretty rhymey! I think you could work with ’em, AND continue to write stuff you enjoy on current events and such! Let ’em help you earn a little money. IT’s the least the jerks can do.

    I hope you will try to do it! I challenge you to include some right wing person-in-the-news name in every poem for a week! :D

  6. says

    Eeewww, Nifty, write about Billo and Glen?

    You’re right. As soon as I pressed “submit comment” I felt a wave of nausea. Write deliberately about those people? Perish the thought! Forget I said anything! :-p

    Besides, it probably wouldn’t work anyway. Tomorrow’s “thing” could be anything!

    Just keep doing what you’re doing, please!

  7. says

    Got to remember to click through when reading you on RSS then. Because you win the Internets more often than anyone I know.

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