Projection, Much?

I want to live where this guy lives.

(I saved a screen shot, in case the site corrects the misspellings.)

Every house without a steeple, every hill without a cross
Every airplane, every car, and every boat
Every lack of iconography just leaves me at a loss
As the godless shove their world-view down my throat.

There’s a steeple at St. Mary’s and the church just down the block;
From the hill, there’s twenty crosses you can note
But the larger space between them leaves me shuddering in shock
As the godless shove their world-view down my throat.

They won’t let me keep the banner
They won’t let me lead school prayer
They won’t let me build a crèche at City Hall
They won’t let me say that marriage
Doesn’t mean a same-sex pair
They won’t let me do most anything at all!

Though there’s god upon my money, and there’s god inside the pledge
Which the little kids recite each day by rote
In their art, or math, or science class, an atheistic wedge
As the godless shove their world-view down my throat

For the record, what he’s feeling is the tiniest reeling in of massive Christian Privilege.


  1. mcbender says

    I find it more amusing that people are forcing the “down my throats” of their religious beliefs. That is absolutely incoherent – how does a belief have a “down my throat”, and what kind of a thing even is that?

    Misplaced possessives bug me, what can I say? It’s about the only way to make this graph make sense, though… if you remove the apostrophe, the data are wrong.

  2. Randomfactor says

    The graph’s accurate. Probably 99 percent of the stuff getting shoved down his throat IS from atheists.

    The rest he’s sucking down willingly.

  3. cag says

    When we got our first TV, there was ABC, CBC (Canada), CBS and NBC. Now I have access to 3 religious cable channels in addition to the Sunday morning paid programming on other channels. No shoving there.

  4. Die Anyway says

    Damn but I love your poetry. Right to the heart of the matter. You should have a permanent spot in the editorial section of a dozen big newspapers. At least.

    I drive by some 30 churches on my work commute, there are religious stations all over the AM dial and, as cag points out, several TV stations on my cable (I block them). There are religious book stores in the mall, and businesses with a Jesus fish on their signs. I see a hundred cars a day with those same Jesus fish plastered all over the back. There are church related schools from kindergarten to high school. They are soooo oppressed! One can hardly imagine.

  5. Pinky says

    I took a look at the “I am Curious 100% dead on certain, Presbēterian” blog and noticed the graft was from the GraphJam web site. It’s a joke site, part of the “I Can Has Cheezburger?” network.

    I can see one of his children, feed up with having a god-bot for a father, giving the graph to him saying: “Hey dad I found this on a scientific web site. I thought you might find it interesting.” Then laughing maniacally with their friends when dad posted it on his blog.

  6. Cuttlefish says

    Die Anyway–

    My heroine is Felicia Lamport, whose “Muse of the Week in Review” column was carried in at least a few papers; I read her every Sunday on the Op-Ed page. Too bad newspapers are making cuts instead of new hires… especially new hires of doggerel writers. Otherwise, I’d say “from your lips to God’s…oh. yeah. Never mind.”

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