Christian Jailed (5 Years) For Blasphemy

When the faith of the majority
Abuses its authority
They ought to take a breath and look around
We could point to an example
(Cos, believe me, they are ample)
Where a different pecking order can be found
When you’re on the top and winning
It’s the furthest thing from sinning
To bring praying to the courthouse or the schools
But when big and small trade places
See the anger on their faces
When they hear it’s the majority that rules

Context, after the jump:

By now, you’ve probably read or heard about Alexander Aan, the atheist who was beaten by a mob, put in protective custody, and now faces blasphemy charges in Indonesia. Though the story sounds like a dream for some Cranston residents, it might better serve as a cautionary tale. Just about a year ago, another Indonesian man was convicted of blasphemy and sentenced to the full 5-year term, which he is currently serving. The catch is, this man is a Christian.

Interestingly, just as Cranston’s protesters are fighting for a piece of history (and definitely not for religious reasons), rioters in last year’s blasphemy trial were clearly not motivated by religion.


  1. F says

    So, do we get another riot when the people arrested in this latest episode are sentenced? Leaflet Vs. destruction of two or three churches, an orphanage, and a healthcare clinic. Including a Catholic church, when the Catholic, too, were offended by the leaflet.

    I’m not sure the enforced religious tolerance thing is really working for them. At least as indicated on the label.

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