If You’re Looking To Give…

The charity of atheists has been in the news a bit, after the tremendous generosity shown toward Doctors Without Borders recently (I link to the Montreal Gazette story because they identify the group as “Atheist redditors”, whereas the Reuters story used the identifier “Irreverent atheists”, despite the fact that the story made no mention of irreverence as a meaningful variable…)

So if you missed out on that chance, and are looking for a charity to support, I’ve got one here that’s good as Gold. It is Gold, actually:

My name is Gold. I’m from Christchurch, New Zealand but currently live in Wellington. I’m planning on travelling a bit and everything I own currently fits on my back. I’m a web developer with a particular focus on Drupal. Despite losing an old school friend after the Feb 22nd quakes in Christchurch I still consider the place home and want to do something to help. I’m at a point in my life where it’s the right time to do that.

I have some friends in common with Gold, and have shared a small handful of emails with him, and he strikes me as the sort of person who leads with his heart. He saw the earthquake devastation in Christchurch firsthand, and could not sit back and do nothing. So if you’re looking to give…There are three separate charities Gold is raising money for. Take a look.


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