Tacky Jesus, Get Off My Mountain!

A national forest is no place for Jesus
Just standing there, blessing the snow
He’s been at the top of the ski lift for decades
But now it seems Jesus must go.

Appeals to tradition from some of the locals
Will, hopefully, fall on deaf ears
Breaking the law isn’t magically better
When done for some fifty-odd years

The Knights of Columbus appealed the decision—
They claim it’s for veterans’ sake
Cos veterans all must be Christians, you know…
A common, but stupid, mistake.

Their privilege revoked, the reaction was speedy;
A new “save the statue” petition
It’s clearly against the establishment clause
But Christians get special permission.

The statue is tacky. It’s kitschy and gauche;
Standing right where there’s beauty to see
And the beautiful vista will come into view
When the mountain’s once more Jesus-free!

Story after the jump:

Whitefish Mountain Resort operates a ski lift and trails on Flathead National Forest land. As such, it would be inappropriate (a violation of the establishment clause) to, say, have a statue of Jesus at the top of the ski lift since 1955. And recently the Forest Service reviewed an expired lease and chose not to renew it. So Tacky Jesus has to go.

Story here, with photo of incredibly tacky Jesus.


  1. Joan says

    There’s St. Christopher for travelers
    Small magnetic dashboard statue.
    When big Jesus is torn down
    Can you see next what’s coming at you?

    Perhaps some melted snow at first
    From site of Jesus icon
    Will be offered to the tourists
    Just 5 dollars for small flacon.

    When tourist shops take up the slack,
    Religious to appease,
    There’ll be “Jesus of the Ski Lift” statues
    Mounted on their skis.

  2. Tsu Dho Nimh says

    If nothing else, the statue is a hazard to anyone getting off the lift. If a tree stump were there, they’d remove it.

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