Give, Give, Give

You can give to remember your favorite teacher
Or give to show up that TV preacher
Maybe you give cos you think it’s funny
Or maybe you don’t like the feel of your money
Give cos you’re down and you need the lift
That comes from giving a useful gift
You can give out of fear of the budget axes
Or give for deductions on next year’s taxes
You can give by Visa or Mastercard
Just give, give, give! It’s not that hard!

Give—you’re investing, or planting a seed
When you’re giving to classrooms, the things that they need
Give cos you know it’s the right thing to do
Or give cos you’re sniffing the wrong kind of glue
Give, cos you the money you give Donors Choose
Helps children to win, when they’d otherwise lose
You can give by the bushel, or give by the yard
You could give with your roommate’s credit card
You could give out of anger—I don’t see how—
But give, give, give! Give now, now, now!

You can give by Paypal or personal check
If you’re Kirk, you can give from your holodeck
You can give out of sympathy; give out of hope
Give cos you’ll otherwise sit there and mope
Give cos you’re losing (or winning) some bet
Give to a friend whom you haven’t yet met
Give till it hurts, or give till it helps
Give just to piss off the Reverend Phelps
Give cos it helps to get children to think
I don’t care why—just click the link!

(You know, that link over there to the right) ——->
Tim Minchin’s reason to give, after the jump:

See, the only reason I wrote that bit up there was so that I could show this video down here. Teachers, if you are showing your class the nice Cuttlefish who got money for your poetry, you might want to preview this video before just clicking on it in front of all those students.

If guilt is your reason to give, hey, guess what? Your money still buys badly needed supplies.


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