Cuttlefish’s Garden

I’d like to see
Ten types of bee
In the Cuttlefish’s garden in the sun
See what I’ve found
Buzzing around
In the Cuttlefish’s garden in the sun

Ok, enough of that.  So, these are onion flowers.  Each is about the size of a grapefruit (like grapefruit, some are larger and some are smaller) and made up of about a gazillion separate florets (very unlike a grapefruit).  I spent some time, the past couple of days, just watching them.  The amount of traffic these flowers get is remarkable; I counted at least 8 different species of bee or wasp, two species of butterfly, and some really fast things I could not identify, just on these onion flowers alone.  I have a really bad shot of 5 species on the flower at one time, but most are blurred with motion or focal plane.

So I thought I’d test my readers’ insect identification skills–just hymenoptera today. I know some of the answers, but certainly not all! For now, the flower is your guide to insect size; if you need numbers or any other information I can give, just ask. The pics are under the fold

D (left) and E (right)
I, on Cilantro flowers
J, on Oregano flowers

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