A few thoughts on the debate

Well, at least I wasn’t bored.

When confronted with specifics, like the cries of “he’s a terrorist”
And asked if he’ll decry them, so to calm the rabid throng,
It is telling that McCain, instead, decried his opposition
He is proud of his supporters, but Obama’s thugs are wrong!
I can’t wait to see the Daily Show comparing his reaction
To the videos on youtube John McCain seems to have missed;
You can pander to Neanderthals, but when the day is over
There will come the recognition–that’s the Devil you just kissed.

When you’re losing in the middle ground and know you can’t recover,
The temptation’s irresistible to pander to your base;
Once you’ve written off the liberals, you’re free to use your rhetoric
On Bible-issue voters—take abortion as one case.
Disagreements are expected on a topic like abortion
When a right to life is weighed against a woman’s right to choose—
But to sneer with condescension at the “Mother’s health” exceptions?
First, the voters; now your dignity—what else ya got to lose?


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