Blogathon BEGINS!

Hello Cromrades,

This is me officially signing in for the Secular Student Alliance’s Blogathon. As you may know, I pledged to learn, record, and post songs that you request, provided you pledge a donation of at least $10. The response has been overwhelming, and I am going to try to get to as many of them as I can today, but it will likely stretch into the week. You still have time to pledge your own request. Just let me know what song you want me to learn, and I will do my level best to produce something worth listening to. You can donate through the widget on the sidebar.

Hopefully this will be a fun and painless exercise for you. It will be fun for me, but certainly not painless – my fingers are already sore in anticipation 😛

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Bonus movie Friday: Let me Rest in Peace

Hey Cromrades, my #SSAweek Blogathon contribution day is rapidly approaching. For those of you who don’t know, I’ve pledged to learn, record, and post songs that you request, for a minimum donation of $10. Here’s a recap of the requests I’ve received thus far:

  • lorenprice pledges $15, and requests “Helter Skelter” by the Beatles
  • Cunning Pam pledges $25, and requests something by They Might Be Giants
  • jolo5309 pledges $10(? – didn’t specify), and requests one of three Canadian jazz(ish) tunes, to be chosen by me
  • John Horstman pledges $50, and requests “Thanks, Bastards” by Mischief Brew
  • Julia pledges $10(? – didn’t specify), and requests an original pro-science song her a capella group performs
  • Frogmistress pledges $10, and requests “3 Small Words” by Josie and the Pussycats
  • MSM16 pledges $50, and requests “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor
  • Karen pledges $10, and requests “The Ballad of Day Kitty” by Lou Barlow

A total of 8 donors and $180! I’ve certainly got my work cut out for me. There’s still lots of time for you to pledge and submit your request. I’d love to get past the $500 mark. Remember if JT Eberhard and I combine for a total of more than $1000, we’ll face off in an epic song battle to the tune of “Under Pressure” by Queen. If we outraise him, I’ll make him sing the RikRok part to Shaggy’s timeless “It Wasn’t Me”. Trust me – you’ll enjoy my Shaggy impression.

To try and pry your wallets open just a little bit more, here’s a video I shot last night that exposes me as the Buffy fanboy I am: [Read more…]

Thefte moste foule

There have been some great musical thieves in history. Elvis Presley stole blues and R&B music from greats like Chuck Berry and B.B. King. Led Zeppelin pretty much just stole indiscriminately from everyone. Kevin Federline was a thing for a while.

However, no musical theft has ever been so egregious as the one perpetrated against me by someone I thought was a friend and colleague. JT Eberhard has unapologetically stolen my idea to record and post songs as part of SSA’s Blogathon:

::UPDATE::Ian Cromwell is auctioning off songs.  I think that’s brilliant!  For $10 Ian will post himself playing a song of your choice.  I’ll do the same (I sing a bit).  For a $10 minimum donation to the SSA (because you can always donate more) I’ll record a song of your choice in the courtyard of the SSA office (the acoustics are great!).  I prefer musicals.  I’ll get to as many as I can and post them as a Blogathon entry on Monday.  :)

This. Will. Not. Stand.

As a response, I hereby challenge JT to a ‘sing-off’. No idea-thief is going to out-fundraise me. So here’s the deal: if JT’s Blogathon and mine raise a combined $1000 (that’s only 100 pledges of $10 – I know there’s at least 50 of you out there with a tenner in your pockets), we will join forces and sing the epic Queen ballad Under Pressure, with JT holding down the Freddie Mercury part and yours truly doing David Bowie’s lines.

As an added bonus, if we outraise JT, I will make him be the RikRok to my Shaggy on It Wasn’t Me, and we will post that as well. My Shaggy impression is actually pretty decent (Boombastic used to be one of my go-to songs back when I hosted karaoke back in my undergrad days).

The gauntlet has been thrown down. Don’t disappoint me, Cromrades!

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Crommunist joins SSA Blogathon

Now I’m assuming everyone reads every post that every FTB author posts every day, so it is perhaps entirely extraneous for me to draw your attention to Jen McCreight’s announcement this morning:

Blogathon is a blogging marathon for charity where I make a new post every 30 minutes for 24 hours, with no pre-writing or autoposting allowed. Just like someone can pledge money to support someone running in a marathon, people can pledge to support a caffeinated, deliriously sleep deprived, and (hopefully) entertaining blogger. Like the last three years, I’m raising money for the Secular Student Alliance. But this year there’s a twist:

I’m not alone.

This year Blogathon will include 18 other bloggers who have pledged to devote their time going just as crazy as I am. From June 9th to June 16th, at least one blogger will spend their day furiously typing away. Instead of me running this blogging marathon on my own, it’s a relay race! We’ll be passing the e-baton, or something. I don’t run, so these analogies are hard. The current schedule is here, including bloggers like Greta Christina, Dale McGowan, JT Eberhard, Ian Cromwell, Natalie Reed, Ed Brayton, and more! I’ll be blogging from 6am PST June 16th to 6am June 17th.

Those are some big names there. Greta Christina? Wow – a person as busy and talented as Greta giving her time to this thing? JT Eberhard – well I guess that’s a bit of a given since he works for the SSA but still, he’s a good ‘get’. And then this Ian Cromwell guy… where have I heard that name before?

Wait, shit. I’m Ian Cromwell.

SSA week cover pic

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