Movie Friday: In the Flesh

Since we talked about Republicans and their famous political strategy of demonizing minorities to gain the votes of the ignorant and bigoted, I’ve had this little ditty buzzing around my head:

Now I hope it is quite clear to everyone reading this that I do not consider the Republican party a violent white supremacist fascist group. They are not there yet, and I doubt they ever will be. As long as there can be free press and media in the United States, there will be enough people who can see through the darkest parts of the GOP (irony intentional in the word ‘darkest’, of course).

However, the threat of fascism to the USA will undoubtedly come from that party. For all their hysteria about “socialism” and fetishization of “small government”, it is the Republican party that has been committing the greatest crimes against democracy over the past decade, and who have been wielding government as a cudgel against those who don’t qualify as “real” Americans.

Anyway, I will try to find some happy things to write about next week.

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  1. thaismcrc says

    “Who let all this riff-raff into the room?” Even though I’ve probably heard this song a few hundred thousand times, it still gives me chills. Waiting for the worms is pretty horrible, too (I mean, it’s a great song, but it’s horrible)

  2. kerfluffle says

    I really don’t understand what they mean by “small government.” Here in the US, we have a smaller government than ever before. Tax rates are at historic lows, funding has been cut to bone on social services and there has been systematic deregulation in nearly every industry.

    The end result is lower education scores, closed libraries, the highest number of incarcerated citizens, increased amount of bankruptcy, lower health and higher mortality (among the 98%) high unemployment, an oil spill that destroyed the economy and ecology of the Gulf of Mexico, and a “free market” that crashed the world’s economy.

  3. F says

    Holy freakin’ crap.

    That was an excellent post. Thanks for pointing out Honorée Fanonne Jeffers’ blog.

  4. Medivh says

    Is it disturbing to anyone else how catchy the “Hammer! Hammer!” chant is? And how there’s a large contingent out there who wouldn’t think even the once, let alone twice, before being asked to chant like that for “their” party?

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