1. says

    Why did Spock change from the crew neck in the first panel to a v-neck by the second? You’d think an artist who can’t get the premise of the comic right would at least do well on the little details…

  2. anthrosciguy says

    The cartoon would be clearer if you made it larger. Then you’d see the handwritten “show me your tits” sign on the stem fields booth.

  3. xyz says

    Good point, cartoonist – if women’s existence in science and science education are ignored and exclusively men are celebrated as “real scientists” some of us will indeed choose feminized professions. Yet at the same time, those feminized professions are important and, through political pressure and social analysis, can have impact on the “hard” sciences too!

    Thank you, Auntie Fem Cartoons! Yay feminism!

  4. moarscienceplz says

    Right. Because the only requirement to become a college student in STEM is to sign up at a booth. It isn’t like decades of messages from all of society telling girls that “math is hard” for girls, and “no boy likes a girl who knows more than him”, is going to factor into the decision of which booth to line up for. Nosiree!

  5. says


    On the contrary, from what observations I’ve had time for, the ‘can’t draw/will lie’ combination is all too common.

    (/Also, so far as I can work out, a tediously boring/generic/amateurish visual style is actually mandatory for antifeminist cranks. Presumably, drawing anything at all interesting is unmanly or something.)

  6. rietpluim says

    There’s a man in the stem fields booth and a woman in the gender studies booth. Must be coincidence, right?

  7. cuervocuero says

    Is it just me or are the women a shorthand stand in for Rebecca Watson, and maybe Skepchik website? Someone with bright red hair and glasses in the atheism critique community? Seems coincidental.

    Also too, I can stop at the AntiFem Comics label without needing to read the laboured content. That’s not just attempting to razz feminism. It’s targeting identified women. oh har dee har. But then, I can’t take a joke.

  8. moarscienceplz says

    Oh wow, I didn’t even notice the change in hair color! Yep, I’d say that is definitely a gratuitous dig at RW. So the cartoonist isn’t a mere misogynist, he’s a weapons-grade a-hole.

  9. Lofty says

    chigau (違う) @11

    The women have all lost their faces, too.

    Well, obviously they have all been assimilated by the WatsonBorg and so can be identically derided.


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