Reality check

RTÉ’s live count.

17:13 Result for Dublin North: Yes 72.61% No 27.39%. That is 34,494 Yes votes and 13,009 No votes. A margin of 21,485. The turnout is 65.83%.

17:02 Result from Dublin North Central: Yes 68.95% No 31.05%. That is 25,382 Yes votes and 11,431 No votes. A margin of 13,951. The turnout is 68.85%.

Result from Dublin Central: Yes 72.37% No 27.63%. That is 23,861 Yes votes and 9,108 No votes. A margin of 14,753. The turnout is 57.98%.

16:51 Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin has said the social revolution that Minister Leo Varadkar spoke about earlier has been going on for some time. He said the Catholic Church needs a reality check.

In so many ways.


  1. DeWolfe Miller says

    Thank you for your article in FI this issue. Your writing skills are so much better than most in this issue perhaps with the exception of Shadia. She also posted an excellent article. My interest stems from my years working in the middle east, Iran in the 70s and then extensively in Egypt. Do you how the Egyptians regard the Saudis? Did you read Yacoubian Building?
    Best regards

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