I need relief from the misery of today, and so perhaps do you.

Curiosity Rover sent back pictures of a sunset. Yes sunset as seen from another planet. Sunset as seen from Mars.

Do admit.

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  1. rjw1 says


    Well, as a teenager in the 1960s, I’ll admit that I’d never expected to live long enough to see an image of a sunset on another planet, I also expected to see a decline in the grip of superstition and bigotry and the triumph of modernisation, everywhere.

    The Martian sunset is a celebration of the wonders of Western Civilization and its Enlightenment.

  2. says

    I’ve been watching Dawn at Ceres, New Horizons closing in on Jupiter a lot the last few weeks.

    I probably would have done in any case. I think. But yes, it’s probably something of a lifesaver to be able to look away from this globe, now and then.

    … and, lately, it seems, I’ve been feeling the need to look especially far away. And more than now and then.

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