You have no choice. The community has no choice. The movie maker has no choice.

The producer of the movie that got the Sikh “campaigners” in Wolverhampton so riled up today withdrew the movie so the riled up campaigners could have just bided their time. The Indian Express has the ridiculous details.

Harinder Singh Sikka, the producer of controversial movie “Nanak Shah Fakir”, on Tuesday announced to withdraw the movie from cinema halls across the country and globe. Sikka made the announcement after meeting Akal Takht chief Giani Gurbachan Singh in Delhi.

Akal Takht chief was in Delhi on Tuesday after his return from Muscat and was scheduled to go to Bidar for a religious function. Sikka in a statement said the decision was taken while bowing before the supremacy of Akal Takht. He assured that required changes as suggested by Akal Takht chief would be made in the film before its re-release.

“The producer of movie has withdrawn the film and now an expert committee of Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee would give its suggestions as to what all changes were needed in the film contents,” said Akal Takht chief, when contacted.

It’s apparently a holy biopic anyway, so maybe it’s only fitting that a holy committee gets to meddle with it…but the principle is bad, even for a holy biopic. People have made movies about Jesus that weren’t at all orthodox, and Christians made plenty of stinks, but they didn’t get revision rights.

“The film has to adhere to Sikh maryada (code of conduct). SGPC expert committee would give its recommendations for required changes in the film to ensure that there is no violation of maryada. Only after that film could be cleared for released,” said SGPP president Avtar Singh Makkar.

Notably, various Sikh organisations have been up in arms against the movie, alleging that it violated the Sikh maryada by portraying Guru and family members in human form. Amid controversy, the movie was released on April 17.

Oh get a grip. Adhere to the Sikh maryada yourself if you want to; stay away from the movie if you want to; but you shouldn’t be allowed to re-make someone else’s movie to conform to the Sikh maryada.

Meanwhile, radical Sikh organisation Dal Khalsa in a statement said “Announcing the withdrawal of the movie and surrendering before the Akal Takht, the producer Harinder Singh Sikka has tried to save face and skin”.

Dal Khalsa spokesperson Kanwar Pal Singh said “wisdom has dawned on the film-maker though a little too late”.

“He will have to repent and pay for hurting the sentiments of the Sikhs and not listening to umpteen calls of reason. This is also a lesson for the sleeping government and the film censor board that cleared the movie ignoring the blasphemous features of the said movie,” he said.

Bullies. Stinking bullies.

“Today producer Sikka has announced the withdrawal of the film after meeting Jathedar (Chief) of the Akal Takht. From the day first, we have been saying, shouting and urging that it is the Jathedar Akal Takht only who can direct the film-maker to withdraw the film. Why Jathedar Gaini Gurbachan Singh took so much time to finally act, only he can explain!” Kanwar Pal said.

Maybe because it was his movie and not everyone else’s!

Dal Khalsa had submitted a memorandum to Jathedar Akal Takht on April 6, urging him to direct the producer to withdraw the film. “The concluding lines of our letter to Jathedar,” Kanwar Pal said, were, “You have no choice. The community has no choice. The movie maker has no choice –Nanak Shah Fakir film has to be withdrawn”.

Bullies bullies bullies bullies bullies bullies bullies.


  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    Should I burn an offering to Barbra Streisand in prayer that bootleg copies of Nanak Shah Fakir sweep the contraband markets of the world now?

  2. sonofrojblake says

    Damn it, the Sikhs too? I had good feelings towards Sikhs generally on the basis that
    (a) on Radio 4’s “Thought for the Day” their representatives generally come across as thoughtful and compassionate without spouting meaningless patronising platitudes, which distinguishes them from every other religion’s representatives – my very limited knowledge of what they believe and get up to gave me the impression that they’re generally OK
    (b) I literally never met a Sikh I didn’t like and
    (c) they haven’t recently got up to this kind of nonsense in the UK, other than the Behzti thing over ten years ago.

  3. deepak shetty says

    People have made movies about Jesus that weren’t at all orthodox, and Christians made plenty of stinks,
    Sikhs aren’t as fragment as Christians though.

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