NPR reports that Francine Prose tells NPR that 150 writers have joined the anti-Charlie Hebdo protest.

The protest over a free speech award to Charlie Hebdo continues to grow.

Earlier this week, six authors withdrew from the PEN American Center’s annual gala in response to the organization’s decision to give the French satirical magazine its Freedom of Expression Courage Award.

Former PEN American President Francine Prose was one of the original six. She tells NPR that as of Thursday afternoon, she’s been joined by nearly 150 other writers — such as Junot Díaz, Lorrie Moore and Rick Moody — who’ve signed on to an open letter critical of the decision.



  1. sigurd jorsalfar says

    Remember kids — you can’t say anything critical of Islam, cuz that would be “punching down” instead of “punching up”. (That’s one expression that seemed pretty cool when I first heard it, but it has rapidly worn out its welcome.)

  2. says

    It’s almost like they’re willfully misunderstanding. I cannot understand how they can take this position if they properly understand what Charlie Hebdo does, in context.

  3. Pierce R. Butler says

    From six, to thirty-five, to one hundred and fifty …

    Somebody do the math – how long until we Are. All. Assimilated?

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