The Best Wife:
1. Listens to her husband and does her best to please him.

2. Always considers her husband’s well being.
3. Does not give the husband stress but gives him peace of mind.
4. Does not spend more than her husband earns.
5. Helps her husband at the time of problems.
6. Has patience when the husband doesn’t treat her justly.
7. Behaves and dresses modestly.
8. Learns and practises islam and teaches her husband too.
9. Does her best to raise their children in an islamic way.
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1-5 would be ok advice for spouses – for spouses, I say. It would be ok for a couple planning to live together with affection and mutual whatnot – respect, concern, caring – just the basic requirement for sharing lives. Be good to each other; treat each other well; don’t be mean or selfish. Fine. But as advice for just one spouse? Yeah it sucks. And 6-9 are terrible.

Also – why the hell is the woman wearing a hijab at home?


  1. Anne Fenwick says

    The best husband is aware of societal pressures encouraging him to treat his wife as a security blanket and resists them,

  2. brucegee1962 says

    Well, she’s not actually at home, is she? She’s having a cartoon of her drawn and shared with the whole world, the male part of which would obviously be lustfully enflamed towards her if they saw her naked hair. Or something.


  3. Saad says

    #6 is downright scary. I can see where MRA and Gamergaters draw their inspiration.

    Also – why the hell is the woman wearing a hijab at home?

    Maybe there’s a non-mahram present in the house. Gotta cover the hair in their presence.

    That page has some really vile crap that they attempt to pass off as progressive.

    Here’s the latest:

    Wife to her Husband heart emoticon

    I will cook. I will clean. I will shop. I will be the best housewife, ever, Insha’Allah.

    I will dress up for you, I will maintain my appearance for you. I will make sure to be the best wife I can be, Insha’Allah.

    I will have as many children as you want. I will raise your children to be the best they can be. I will be the best mother, Insha’Allah.

    As long as you promise me one thing, help me get to Jannah!

    The bolded part almost made me vomit.

  4. PatrickG says

    Stayed a while on the page… I never knew Muslims were so… white.

    At least that’s the impression I got from the graphics. The videos are less reminiscent of an Aryan Brotherhood ad campaign. But the picture in this post is pretty representative. Lots of bleached-white Disney princesses and weirdly bearded men.

    One of the more truly bizarre ones I saw was chiding husband and wife to be tolerant, by being thankful for the spousal effort and not bringing up issues until well after the incident, where:
    1) Wife cooks meal not to husbands liking
    2) Husband brings home the wrong groceries

    Couldn’t help but notice that one of these things probably leads to the other… This was mild compared to other stuff, but still, bizarre enough that it made me do a double-take.

  5. themann1086 says


    I first thought (without reading anything so I had zero context) that she was about to engage him in some strap-on play. That would be an interesting twist!

  6. says

    PatrickG, there are white Muslims.

    But I have to admit, if it wasn’t for the woman behind him, I would have thought the sleeping man in the cartoon above was Amish (which would explain why she’s wearing the hijab).

  7. quixote says

    I’m in my dumb question corner again. I take it “Jannah” means paradise? Or is it some special segregated paradise-for-women? Also, what’s he got to do with it? Or is like with the Mormons where the wife can only go to the Good Place In The Sky on her husband’s say-so? (That is the way it works with Mormons, right?)

    You know what I really don’t understand? Why are there any women at all subscribing to this double-thick crapola?

  8. karmacat says

    Some of it sounds like she has to treat him like an infant. Also it sounds like men can’t handle stress or can’t learn about Islam on their own

  9. John Morales says

    Also – why the hell is the woman wearing a hijab at home?

    Dunno… perhaps because a depiction of a woman at home might be seen by men?

  10. sambarge says

    And she’ll get 70 virgin boys in paradise.

    How is that paradise?

    Is it sad that what bothers me the most is the use of the word “obedience” instead of “obedient”?

  11. Omar Puhleez says

    Also – why the hell is the woman wearing a hijab at home?

    At a guess, I’d say it has to do with 7-9 above. But also, one can never be sure. A catching crew from Jannah (the Islamic version of Paradise) could come through the front door any moment. Or more likely, the ceiling, and she would not want to be unprepared.
    But have you considered the possibility that her husband has just ‘passed on’, and she is covering him up? Or that she has just done him in by spiking his favourite single malt with cyanide, and is preparing to dispose of him and collect the insurance?
    But why would she kill him, unless perhaps he was a bit too Islamic for her liking?

  12. PatrickG says

    @ Tabby Lavalamp:

    Well, duh there are white Muslims. Merely noting the white-washing on that particular Facebook site; reminds me of how Jesus is depicted as someone who would die of sunburn if he left the arctic circle.

  13. Saad says

    karmacat, #15

    Also it sounds like men … can’t learn about Islam on their own

    That’s just a tactic they use to make women feel respected in Islam. In reality, men tell women how to be a good Muslim woman. Otherwise they wouldn’t be in this mess.

  14. johnthedrunkard says

    The hijab at home? Well if Saudi Imams are going to suggest putting INFANT girls into them (so men aren’t tempted to rape babies) Why not wear them at home? Why not have the sack sutured onto her skin so she can’t be a dangerous temptation anywhere?

    Why not seal her in a block of concrete so that Feeeeemale Temptation is finally kept under control?

  15. says

    Because the whole point is that she’s supposed to be Sexy For Him and Sexless For Everyone Else. The Man doesn’t want the bag on her head at home where no other man can get at her and he wants to get all worked up by the sight of her neck.

  16. david says

    #6 is OK, to some extent, so long as it applies both ways. A little tolerance for your spouse’s failings is a good thing.

  17. John Morales says


    #6 is OK, to some extent, so long as it applies both ways. A little tolerance for your spouse’s failings is a good thing.

    Leaving aside that this is a set of prescriptions aimed specifically at wives (one way only), I still don’t agree that it’s OK to tolerate injustice within marriage to some extent (whether or not it’s a mutual tolerance) other than as a pragmatic measure.

    (On pragmatic grounds, I grant that some tolerance is appropriate, if not desirable)

  18. Dave Ricks says

    Pliny no, not parody!

    That’s drawing a thing to mean NOT the thing — that’s racist and sexist!

  19. karmacat says

    It just struck me that is basically domestic violence in that the abuse has been displaced onto god. In domestic violence, the wife is doing everything so as she won’t be hit or killed. In this instance she has to do everything for the man so god will let her in jannah

  20. Iain Walker says

    karmacat (#26):

    It’s a standard feature of Abrahamic monotheism that God’s “love” is pretty much indistinguishable from the “love” of an abuser. It’s just not usually quite this explicit.

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