Hello Jamila!

Look who has joined this sinister group of bloggers – Jamila Bey!

In her inaugural post she tells us an atheist invented Black History Month, which I didn’t know.

Carter G. Woodson, autodidact who graduated with his Ph.D. from Harvard, was a leading thinker who came up with the idea of Negro History Month in 1926.  He hoped, (as does this writer) that the need for the commemoration would someday become obsolete.

Woodson was a staunch critic of religious institutions and wrote that they were oppressive to Blacks.  Just as he believed that the accomplishments and the global influence of Black people were unreported or at best under represented, the influence of freethinking and atheist people, particularly concerning American history, have been diminished.

Today’s Google Doodle, which celebrates the anniversary of the birth of African-American poet, and columnist, Langston Hughes, is also a great opportunity for atheists to remind folks that Hughes was also without religion.

So give Jamila a big welcome.


  1. Blanche Quizno says

    Yay, Jamila! On the subject matter, study after study shows that church-going Christians are most likely to be racist, conservative, Republican, pro-torture, pro-death-penalty, anti-feminist, anti-women’s-rights, hateful toward the poor, anti-government-assistance-programs, and all-around nasty pieces of work. Considering how the areas of the US with the highest concentrations of Christians and churches also have the worst economies and the highest levels of social dysfunction, what can we conclude except that Christianity is pernicious and poisonous and churches are toxic?

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