But never in the face

Pope sweety says it’s ok for adults to hit children, provided it’s done with dignity.

Pope Francis has backed parents who smack their children, providing the child’s “dignity” is maintained.

He made the remarks during his weekly general audience at the Vatican, which was devoted to the role of fathers in the family.

How does an adult hit a child while maintaining the child’s dignity? Is it that the adult doesn’t abort the child in the process?

The Pope said: “One time, I heard a father in a meeting with married couples say ‘I sometimes have to smack my children a bit, but never in the face so as to not humiliate them.’

“How beautiful,” he added. “He knows the sense of dignity. He has to punish them but does it justly and moves on.”

Oh that is beautiful. It’s simply gorgeous. He hits them on their gleaming little buttocks, so as not to humiliate them.

Pope sweety is still a pope.



  1. Anne Fenwick says

    After the last few weeks, I wonder if he hasn’t just given up on reform and decided his only strategy is to bring the Catholic Church into such disrepute that it collapses completely.

  2. moarscienceplz says

    But, if you don’t smack ’em in the face, how can they turn the other cheek? Or is that not the cheek the Bible had in mind?

  3. Tom Grubb says

    This is the thug in charge of the Catholic Church. Perhaps, instead of telling parents it’s OK to assault their children, he should start doing something about the rape of children carried out by Catholic priests.

  4. invivoMark says

    But what if the kid insulted your mother? This pope’s advice is full of contradictions!

  5. karmacat says

    And heaven forbid he consult any experts like a pediatrician or a child psychiatrist. Damn authoritarians think they know everything

  6. komarov says

    I suspect Francis aims to become one of the more famous popes. Being remembered as the pope who got Turn the other cheek backwards is fame of sorts, after all.

    As for hitting children, in a reasonable society parents hitting their children would be the ones that end up humiliated – and possibly under arrest. But then this should be a non-issue among reasonable people anyway. Somehow the pope never really features in such ‘reasonable’ scenarios, except maybe as a pope-shaped gap.* But the less optimistic part of my mind is now wondering if child abuse statistics will spike in response to this muppet opening his mouth. Or perhaps there’ll be a smaller but permanent uptick.

    *Thank goodness for the hat. Without it noone could ever tell what’s missing in the blank space.

  7. johnthedrunkard says

    Don’t parents look ‘dignified’ when they hit their children?

    I guess you have to be catlick to see it that way. Or even think about it.

  8. Iain Walker says

    Of course, if you hit them in the face, then the bruising is going to be harder to conceal. So I guess that this is “protecting the child’s dignity” in the much the same way as hushing up clerical rape.

    You know, I never bought the idea that Bergoglio was a “moderate” – from the get-go he always struck me as being cut from the same unimaginative, reactionary cloth as the rest of the Vatican hierarchy. I did however grudgingly credit him with possessing rather more PR nous than Ratzinger. But now, it seems, he can’t open his mouth at all without saying something toxic and stupid.

  9. iknklast says

    My mother never hit me in the face. I guess I was wrong as a child to feel humiliated when she hit me with everything she could reach? (As an adult, I realized that was her problem, and that assuming I must have been doing something wrong if I was being hit was not always the correct assumption to reach when someone who needs to hit someone lashes out).

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