This won’t deter us from doing the job

Also in the news – the Denver Post reports:

COLORADO SPRINGS —A bomb detonated at an NAACP chapter on Tuesday left little damage to the building, but the loud boom that resonated through the historic neighborhood of small homes has also sounded across the nation.

As word spread of the blast, anger and questions spread with it across social media, on Twitter through the trend #NAACPBombing, and news headlines. The national president of the NAACP, the organization that appears to have been the target of the Colorado Springs blast, said he is thankful no one was hurt.

“We remain vigilant,” Cornell Brooks, the president of the Baltimore-based organization, said in a statement.

That’s horrible too. As a matter of luck, the bomb physically injured no one and did little material damage, but it certainly could have, and was intended to. A can of gasoline was placed next to the bomb, but it failed to ignite.

According to the FBI, officials are seeking a “potential person of interest,” described as a balding white male, about 40 years old. Neighbors saw a man matching his description flee after the explosion.

“He may be driving a 2000 or older model dirty, white pick-up truck with paneling, a dark colored bed liner, open tailgate, and a missing or covered license plate,” the FBI said in a statement.

Addendum: he’s probably heavily armed. Just a guess.

The NAACP informed other offices across the nation of the events in Colorado Springs.

Henry Allen Jr., the NAACP chapter president, told The Gazette the explosion was strong enough to knock items off the walls.

“We’ll move on,” Allen told the newspaper. “This won’t deter us from doing the job we want to do in the community.”

Be safe.



  1. karmacat says

    Yup. We have our terrorists also. Of course, no one will then say that all white people are terrorists. That generalization is only for non-white people

  2. kevinalexander says

    Somehow I don’t see Fox News reporting this. There’s no way they can spin this to their advantage and in any case the ‘balding white male about 40 years old’ is watching and won’t like what he sees.

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