1. lorn says

    As the saying goes: They are funny because they are true.

    I laugh because it is the only way I can open my mouth without screaming.

  2. Jason Dick says

    The issue I have with these cartoons is that they are only pieces of the puzzle. If you go by body count, Christians these days are the biggest killers by far. This is primarily because of the US military and mercenaries: we have sanitized our violence, pushed it into the hands of a few, and called it “necessary”. Now, I don’t think that Christianity is inherently more violent than Islam. Both religions can be used to promote violence (in the US today it’s “Dominion Theology”).

    I don’t think it is fair to look at Islamic violence while ignoring violence and oppression against Muslims. In this particular case Muslims inside of France face quite a lot of oppression, especially lately due to the heightened xenophobia that has swept Europe since the depression started.

    I do think that besides being terrible, the attack on Charlie Hebdo was extremely poorly thought-out. In attacking a group of people that are, at best, peripherally related to their oppression, they have created a massive unifying rallying cry against them. A number of prominent Muslims have called out against the attacks, and called the attackers enemies of Islam (for good reason).

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