The Friday flogging is put off

Sigh of relief: Raif’s second flogging has been postponed “for medical reasons.”

Not a sigh of full relief, obviously, but comparative relief.

Better than that, the king has sent his case to the Supreme Court for review.

The BBC reports:

The case of a Saudi blogger sentenced to 1,000 lashes has been referred to the Supreme Court by the king’s office, the BBC has learned.

Blogger Raif Badawi’s wife said the referral, made before he was flogged 50 times last Friday, gave him hope that officials would end his punishment.

A second round of lashings was postponed for medical reasons.

You’ve put on your spectacle, KSA. Now let him go to Canada to join his wife and children.


  1. luzclara says

    I have hopes about the supreme court. But what kind of people decide that someone is too injured to be flogged, so let’s wait a week, so he can heal. Then we’ll flog him again. It sickens me.

  2. Crimson Clupeidae says

    So, is this proof that there are, indeed, moderate muslims? At least, in Saudi….

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