My identity can beat up your identity

A Swedish tv reporter, Petter Ljunggren, did an investigative report on anti-Semitism in Malmo.

Ljunggren wanted to know what it feels like as a Jew in Malmo, so he put on a kippah and Star of David, and went out to walk the streets.

He was followed by an undercover reporter who filmed everything.

Along the town’s main road, Ljunggren was immediately confronted. One man told him he should leave if he was wearing that ‘Jewish shit’.

Another shouted at him that he’s a Jew-devil. People shouted at ‘dirty Jewish pig’ and “Jewish pigs, we’ll kill you’. In the neighborhoods of Lindängen and Rosengård, he was harassed so much, he considered just leaving.

So that’s horrifying.


  1. Peter Rancic says

    I find it dubious that the article you linked to leaves out the fact that Malmo is a mostly muslim part of Sweden. It is notorious for frequent riots as well as minor bomb blasts every few months which are mysteriously under-reported by global mainstream media.

    Islamic jew-hatred is well-known and is probably the reason reporter chose Malmo in the first place. Harassment of jewish and gay people, as well as scantily clad women is well-known and documented in Muslim areas of Europe, which are only increasing in number. So, no, it’s probably not those ‘progressive swedes’ but muslim immigrants showing this appalling behavior.

    I wonder if it is mandatory for me to write up the usual ‘of course most muslims are nicey-nice’ and ‘these are just Islamists’ ‘please don’t call me racist bigot’ hogwash. I don’t intend to.

  2. says

    I lived in Malmö for three years. Let me say that it is, for the most part, a lovely city and the Swedes in my experience are largely as progressive as you imagine.

    However, there are a lot of middle-eastern immigrants in the city–often Palestinian and Iraqi refugees–and areas such as Rosengård have a high immigrant population. There is certainly a small Islamist clique in these areas that attempts to enforce orthodoxy. A friend of mine teaches in a school in the city, and talks of kids who come to class and behave like ‘mini-Taliban’. There have been stories of the local Jewish community feeling more vulnerable in recent years and even of a few individuals fleeing to Stockholm.

    I think we have to be careful not to blow things up out of proportion. Is there a problem? From what I’ve seen, yes. Is it worse than you might find in other major cities with high immigration? Speaking as a Londoner, I’m not so certain of that.

  3. says

    I just watched part of the documentary, trying to follow in my inadequate Swedish. I recognised most of the places they went, though. That part of town is very familiar to me.

    It was interesting that they went in to the market at Möllevången, the rough-and-tumble party zone where a lot of immigrant businesses are based and was faced with a lot of pro-Palestinian chanting. The reporter saw a lot of intimidation in Möllen. As he walked around people would approach to ‘ask a question’ before launching into anti-semitic tirades. One guy experienced intimidate and casual death threats in the Triangeln, which is a high-traffic shopping area.

    Jews seem to have been taking flak both from immigrants and the far right. “We need another Hitler,” is a sentiment they have been hearing. Some of the Jews interviewed say that don’t feel they can live openly as a Jew any longer.

    Anti-semitism also makes its way into schools and it’s hard for schools to keep a lid on it. Many teachers avoid conflict with pupils. Those that don’t risk harassment and get insufficient support from the school heads.

  4. says

    Peter and Lee – right – I figured they chose Malmo for a reason and that the reason was the link between Islamism (and perhaps more ordinary but still not liberal Islam) and anti-Semitism. I didn’t spell that out because I wasn’t sure and I don’t know Swedish.

  5. Crimson Clupeidae says

    I wish that the people who act so inhumanely to their fellows would for just a fraction of a moment, consider how they would feel if they were treated similarly, instead of being relatively welcomed in the liberal society wherein they currently reside?

    For those familiar with the area, are the muslim ‘enclaves’ (for lack of a better term in my brain) more a result of the Swedish immigration system, or a function of them ‘keeping to themselves’, or roughly an equal amount of both? I ask as one completely unfamiliar with Sweden. (The only thing I am directly familiar with that comes close is the large Turkish population in Germany where I lived. The Turkish immigrants said it was very difficult to assimilate into german culture, and of course, many of the germans liked it that way.)

  6. RJW says

    @3 Peter Rancic

    “I find it dubious that the article you linked to leaves out the fact that Malmo is a mostly muslim part of Sweden.” Perhaps not so much “dubious”, as expected, I’m not sure to what extent this documentary is indicative of the Swedish ‘consensus’ or malaise, however I can’t avoid the cliche about the huge pachyderm.

    Sensitive Leftists please take note, GOV is a pro-Israel conservative site, unfortunately since much of the “left” has abandoned the field, the Right is running the anti-Islamisation agenda.

  7. leftwingfox says

    RJW: Oh yes, I wonder why leftists might be sensitive to one of the websites that Anders Brievik took inspiration from.

    Will you be promoting Pam Gellar as well?

  8. RJW says

    @12 leftwingfox,

    What points are you making?
    That the video is inaccurate or biased because it’s on that site? Perhaps it’s tainted.

    “… one of the websites that Anders Brievik took inspiration from.”
    Do you mean he was ‘radicalised like the jihadis and that it wasn’t his fault but some other agency? He could be just barking mad.
    The Inquisition and the European witch burning mania was inspired by the Bible.

    “Will you be promoting Pam Gellar as well?”
    Straw man argument, didn’t you notice the following statement?
    “….the Right is running the anti-Islamisation agenda.”

  9. says

    Malmo is the target of investigation because it is the Swedish city with the highest number of immigrants. (I was one of them.) Of course, the immigrant population is not all Arab. There are plenty of Poles and Russians too, the latter being associated with a lot of criminality. But with one of the largest Islamic communities in Sweden it’s a nexus for a hardcore of Islamists and for crypto-fascist right-wingers such as the Sweden Democrats.

    I remember the election where the SD television adverts showed a gaggle of women in burkas rushing to get their hands on Swedish welfare money. Pretty fucking disgusting stuff.

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