Bye bye Pope Fluffy

You know all that kakk about the new pope being a kinder gentler pope? It was kakk all along. I knew that.

He’s back to telling us teh gayz will ruin everything. Of course he is.

Francis arrived in the Philippines on Friday for a five day trip and spoke to thousands in the heart of Manila, the country’s capital city. While speaking on the issue of same sex marriage on Jan. 16, Francis went into attack mode. “The family is threatened by growing efforts on the part of some to redefine the very institution of marriage,” Francis told the crowd. “These realities are increasingly under attack from powerful forces, which threaten to disfigure God’s plan for creation.”

Yup – because when it’s two women or two men, what becomes of the hierarchy? It goes poof. Very very threatening, this idea of marriage between equals.

Or not. It’s just threatening to an antiquated and illiberal idea of marriage – and that’s a good thing.

But of course no pope is going to think so. You don’t get to be pope that way.



  1. says

    Pathetic old liar that he is. If he really believed that marriage shouldn’t be “redefined” he’d be trying to re-can the worms regarding divorce. Somehow he’s smart enough to know that attacking divorce would be political suicide, but he thinks attacking marriage equality is not? 2015 has some surprises in store for you, popey-dopey.

  2. says

    Yes, I think Frankie’s previous positive-sounding pronouncements on the subject were in the nature of “Don’t be mean to gay people” (which is great as far as it goes, and certainly a lot of assholes need to hear it), but the basic “But it’s still intrinsically disordered, and BTW we also still own Marriage* so it means what we say it means” hasn’t shifted.

    *Not mine you don’t, you grasping assholes. It means primarily what my partner and I say it means to us, and beyond that what Canadian family law says it means, and the Vatican can keep its grubby paws off, damnit.

  3. says

    @3: Well, yes — hence all the theological flim-flammery that surrounds it. However, to get the full picture you should read further in that article, and also the cross-reference to Natural Marriage. Marriages between non-Christians are natural, not sacramental (though will become so if the couple later converts to Catholicism), and concerning such the RCC still makes certain claims arising from Natural Law theology.

    Interestingly, Protestant marriages (even from non-sacramental traditions like evangelicalism) are considered sacramental. Which means my marriage was sacramental at the time (since we were Protestant Christians), and I (idly) wonder if it became merely natural when we became atheists. But I wonder even more at the chutzpah of the Church claiming to know the True Meaning™ of other people’s experiences and doings.

  4. John Morales says


    Which means my marriage was sacramental at the time (since we were Protestant Christians), and I (idly) wonder if it became merely natural when we became atheists.

    Short answer, if it was, then no, it didn’t.

    Longer answer:

    (You need to follow the concordances for the full picture)

  5. mordred says

    Does he also think gay people should get punched on the nose? I’m sure he thinks it’s normal.

    I suppose with you guys I’m preaching to the choir, but I just have to say: I told you so! 😉

    Back when pope cuddly’s first comments on homosexuality were celebrated by free thinkers, I told a number of people that he just repeated what had allready been church doctrine: Gays are accepted as long as they surpress their nature and live lonely and miserably.

  6. anubisprime says

    Seems the popes god does not look kindly on his minion…’Franny’ has had to hightail it out of the Philippines because bad weather ruined his schedule.

    He apparently went there to register his support for the countries jeebus fans after a particularly nasty storm where more than 7,000 died in Typhoon Haiyan in 2013…seems god is not on his side after all.


    Obviously ‘Fanny’ has no pull with the fella up there, fella up there does not give a stuff about his second in command on Earth looking a complete fool.

    No doubt the devil will be blamed for the disaster, but that is a dodgy road to travel down, cos by the result the devil is a tad more powerful then god…

    Or maybe jeebus daddy is just slapping the fool down for being a two faced bigot…who knows?

    It was only a month or two ago that Franny was smoozing the paparazzi with tales of being an all encompassing church and welcoming teh ghey into the fold and maybe just maybe receiving better reactions from the RCC in general but specifically towards their proposed marriage equality.
    He got slapped down by his Cardinals…quelle surprise!

    oh dear, how sad, never mind!

  7. says

    The Helicopter Pope (*) is in the Philippines not just to promote hate against LGBTQ people but also to promote hate against women. The Philippine government has chosen to face reality and start promoting birth control (condoms and contraceptives, abortion is still illegal) now that the country has crossed the hundred million mark in population.

    (* We should start calling him the Helicopter Pope, or perhaps the Pompous Pilot. He “absolved” murderers of their sin in the Argentinian regime during the 1970s. Throwing political dissidents out of helicopters and airplanes while alive and awake was one of their favourite means of killing people.)

  8. sigurd jorsalfar says

    So the Pope has now firmly aligned himself with those who believe that gay marriage is just so darned appealing to straight people that if it were permitted then straight people would turn gay in droves and stop having families? What a profoundly stupid man he is.

  9. sailor1031 says

    Well if it’s really Satan causing all these catastrophes we’d better hurry up and find out WTF he wants from us ad give it to him – and forget that pissant yhwh or el or whatever his name was…

  10. Holms says

    Yup – because when it’s two women or two men, what becomes of the hierarchy? It goes poof. Very very threatening, this idea of marriage between equals.

    This passage seems to imply that marriage between a man and a woman is not equal, and why should that be the case? Oh right, the RCC (and many other religions) require women to be subservient to men. Meaning, the concept of marriage has already been fucked by religion and the only way to reverse this is to tell religion to fuck off out of marriage.

  11. Mary Combs says

    “It was kakk all along.”

    Why is that so hard for people to grasp? Catholics who should know better are growing old and dying while calling themselves Catholics but using birth control, living in same sex relationships, preparing to be ordained while female, etc. and expecting the Church to “catch up.” Not going to happen.

  12. tecolata says

    Isn’t there something in their bible about “old wine in new bottles”? Seems to fit this pope to a T.

    He can pontificate (pun intended) about climate change and protecting the environment while not just promoting, but insisting upon, unchecked population growth, arguably the biggest driver of environmental destruction.

    I see little difference between “gay people are evil and should have no civil rights” and “gay people are evil but don’t hate them for it, just be sure they have no civil rights”.

    And BTW, free speech DOES include the right to insult religion.

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