Not to be his type

From Deep Dark Fears on Facebook

More Deep Dark Fears.


  1. ED says

    Love it!

    Most of the other fears in the link are good, too. The one about not being the original owner of my body, but a possessing spirit under the delusion that I’m the real me freaked me out. Good thing I’m a materialist, or I’d never get it out of my head.

    The one about the kid who fears impulsively dropping the baby sister off the long, spooky bridge was creepy in a subtle, psychological way.

    I’d be relieved to find out that I was really a dog, though, as long as I had a good home.

  2. John Morales says

    More accurately, Deep Dark Irrational Fears.

    But yeah, a couple strike a chord with me.


    Al Dente, also for me, since FB : WWW :: WWW : internet.

    (I know that’s probably not to what you were referring)

  3. EigenSprocketUK says

    Is it reassuring, or severely disturbing, for me to discover that some of my darkest anxieties (of which I have never dared speak to anyone) are common enough not only to have already been covered, but also coloured in exactly correctly?

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