1. ED says

    Love it!

    Most of the other fears in the link are good, too. The one about not being the original owner of my body, but a possessing spirit under the delusion that I’m the real me freaked me out. Good thing I’m a materialist, or I’d never get it out of my head.

    The one about the kid who fears impulsively dropping the baby sister off the long, spooky bridge was creepy in a subtle, psychological way.

    I’d be relieved to find out that I was really a dog, though, as long as I had a good home.

  2. John Morales says

    More accurately, Deep Dark Irrational Fears.

    But yeah, a couple strike a chord with me.


    Al Dente, also for me, since FB : WWW :: WWW : internet.

    (I know that’s probably not to what you were referring)

  3. EigenSprocketUK says

    Is it reassuring, or severely disturbing, for me to discover that some of my darkest anxieties (of which I have never dared speak to anyone) are common enough not only to have already been covered, but also coloured in exactly correctly?

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