1. Dave Ricks says

    Back in the 1980s when I lived in Rhode Island, I met a guy Ron Bianco. I just checked on the Internet and I see he’s still around. He plays acoustic guitar, and harmonica, and he sings.

    Well back in the 1980s the high point of his act was his song about his dog Bilbo. The verses described what a great dog Bilbo was, and the choruses spelled out Bilbo’s name.

    So here’s the thing — Bilbo sang on the chorus too. Not that Bilbo would enunciate the words, but every time the chorus of the song came around, Ron got Bilbo to howl along, and Ron got the audience to sing along with Bilbo too. I saw their act once, and I might think that was the dorkiest thing I’ve ever seen, but damn they had their act together.

    Here’s a photo from back in the day. I had one of Ron’s business cards; it said, “Entertainment That’s Fun”.

  2. Decker says

    Just before my dad died ( long time ago) he bought the family a little dog named Freddy; half Pomeranian and half Pekinese

    Cute as a button.

    After dad’s death my mother decided to take up violin in order to play in the local “symphony” orchestra. My mom had no talent.

    Everytime she’d start to practice, Freddy would sit up with ears flat against his head and begin to howl…like a Werewolf at the moon. My mom’s ‘music’ seemed to really hurt his ears ( dogs have q

    It used to put me in stitches

  3. Decker says

    Geeze how that get posted before I finished…

    Anyways after a while even my mom began to laugh at the antics of the canine ‘music critic’

    But she never gave up and eventually earned a position of second violin in the orchestra.

    Second fiddle is better than nothing.

    Just ask Freddy.

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