Tutti a tavola

You have been schooled. Or relegated. Or something.

Peter Boghossian isn’t going to talk to you any more, because he’s the adult and you’re the child.

If you’ve been relegated to the Kid’s Table because you can’t have an adult conversation, I’ve banned you & won’t be able to see your tweets.

That’s not convincing, coming from him. I’m not going to claim I’m always adult and level-headed, because I’m not – but I don’t see him as a paragon of reason and maturity either. On the contrary, I see him as someone who makes a point of provoking people and then jeering when they react; a troll, in short.

And he doesn’t, that I’ve seen, provoke people for good reasons, or on trivial points. He does it for bad reasons and on subjects that cut deep. What’s so adult about that?



  1. Lady Mondegreen (aka Stacy) says

    E’ la vita. I doubt anyone will be broken up about not being able to converse with Peter at any table. He serves pretty stale fare.

  2. Pierce R. Butler says

    An “adult conversation”?

    Beyond “your place or mine?”

    On Twitter?!?


  3. Hj Hornbeck says

    I’m actually starting to feel bad I bought his book. Given that I don’t feel bad about my Dawkins and Hitchens collection, that’s sayin’ something.

  4. Eric MacDonald says

    Peter Boghossian left philosophy behind the moment he published his Manual for Creating Atheists. Philosophy is an open-ended discipline, and accepts arguments from anywhere and anywhom. Some may, of course, be elementary and mistaken, but the issue is not resolved by relegating those who make the arguments to some outer darkness (or children’s table). Indeed, by making the claim, Boghossian has already relegated himself to a position outside of philosophy, and has become, instead, a sophist. This certainly goes for the sophistical arguments of his Manual. It’s a bit like Dawkins’ t-shirt, with the slogan: “Religion – there is a cure.” These guys have picked up their marbles and gone home. They don’t want to play any more.

  5. Kevin Kehres says

    Peter who?


    He’s simply made himself invisible to me. Isn’t there. Not even a ghost. Nothing he says — quite literally nothing — has any impact whatsoever on my thinking.

    You would think that they would teach philosophers about holes and their rules … but apparently not.


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