She’s serious

Eliza Sutton’s previous venture in the category of Misusing Professional Credentials to Abuse Someone.


Skep tickle says


Please get some professional psychological help. I’m serious. Paranoia seems to be consuming you.

She’s so caring and concerned.


  1. says

    No, that’s obviously a joke. It’s so obvious how jokey it is! How can you miss its obviousness and jokeosity? It’s the obviousest jokiest joke ever told! It’s so obvious! And jocular!

  2. Kevin Kehres says

    This is a person who should not be anywhere near patients in a professional capacity.

  3. Jackie says

    The myth developed by the slime is that Dr. Eliza Sutton has been doxxed and silenced.
    Even though she posted her info on Almost Diamonds herself and is in no way being silenced. It is not free speech for a doctor to lie about a person having venereal disease.

    The slime is trying to get Rebecca Watson removed from a festival for this invented offence.

  4. Hj Hornbeck says

    Jackie @6:

    The slime is trying to get Rebecca Watson removed from a festival for this invented offence.

    And, true to form, Watson herself has signed that petition. I see they hit their goal of 100 signatures, though.

  5. Funny Diva says

    Ophelia, did you know skep tickle’s meatspace ID and profession when she made that comment here? Did she know you knew, or did she think she was hidden behind a pseudonym at that point?
    Not that it changes anything…it would’ve been a shitty thing for a non-MD to post on your blog. And I still don’t buy that a pseudonym should excuse someone from a profession with high standards (MDs, Attorneys) from those standards.

    It’s just that I don’t get the minimization that’s been expressed–by regular commenters, not ‘pitters– on your previous post about her “hurr hurr, PZ prob’ly got an STD from the Skepchicks! herp derp!” post. Somehow it’s no big because she wasn’t “on duty” as a doctor or something. But as I keep pointing out, by the time she wrote that particular BS, she knew that we all knew her meatspace name and profession. And as I also point out, it’s always been well-known in the ‘pit that she’s a big, important MD–one of her supporters said as much soon after she made the comment you’ve highlighted here (though they mis-identified her specialty!).
    Why are people who usually “get it” on so many other things still bending over backwards into pretzels telling you to be more charitable in interpreting this individual’s pseudonym-shielded rantings?

  6. says

    Funny Diva, you know how there’s an e-mail address you submit when you fill out a comment form on blogs? Skep tickle’s e-mail accounts included her surname and either her first initial or her first name. Ditto the multiple accounts she registered at the A+ forums in 2012, which also required e-mail addresses to be supplied as part of registration, because we banned her from posting at least twice, from memory. So the name of the person behind ‘skep tickle’ or ‘skip teckle’ has been known by many people for a considerable period of time, and people in Seattle would have known her from her local involvement in skeptical circles – this was known for a longer time than the announcement on whichever blog that first ‘broke’ it last year.

  7. says

    Funny Diva, yes, I knew. I don’t know if she knew I knew who she was…but I think she was open about being a doctor. I’m pretty sure she was, and thus that her coming here to tell me to get help was deliberately that much more calculatedly insulting.

  8. leni says

    You can tell it’s a joke from the “I’m serious.”

    No, of course you can’t tell. But yes, I think she’s probably not joking here. It looked to me like a genuine attempt at gaslighting. It didn’t look like even an attempt at humor, just pure shittiness.

    I absolutely did not mean to imply that I agreed with her or thought it was ok, if I am the source of Funny Diva’s comment. I’m incredibly sorry, Ophelia. I forget people can’t read my mind and I’ve never been a fan of sarcasm tags. I was feeling snarky and fired that off without realizing about how it would look, and that was really, really stupid. I don’t agree with calls for libel, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think Skep Tickle is an asshole.

    That seems true whether she’s being serious or not.

    Again, Ophelia, I did not mean to encourage her attempt at gaslighting you and I’m terribly sorry if I contributed to that by being a thoughtless dumbass.

  9. m c longman says

    Seems that an article in the professional psychology field would be useful here. Can I suggest ‘Institutional Betrayal’, by Carly Smith and Jennifer Freyd? Seems relevant, somehow. (American Psychologist, September 2014)

    Here’s the topic: “A college freshman reports a sexual assault and is met with harassment and insensitive investigative practices leading to her suicide. Former grade school students, now grown, come forward to report childhood abuse perpetrated by clergy, coaches, and teachers—first in trickles and then in waves, exposing multiple perpetrators with decades of unfettered access to victims. Members of the armed services elect to stay quiet about sexual harassment and assault during their military service or risk their careers by speaking up. A Jewish academic struggles to find a name for the systematic destruction of his people in Nazi Germany during the Holocaust. These seemingly disparate experiences have in common trusted and powerful institutions (schools, churches, military, government) acting in ways that visit harm upon those dependent on them for safety and well-being. This is institutional betrayal. The purpose of this article is to describe psychological research that examines the role of institutions in traumatic experiences and psychological distress following these experiences. We demonstrate the ways in which institutional betrayal has been left unseen by both the individuals being betrayed as well as the field of psychology and introduce means by which to identify and address this betrayal.”

    So, skep tickle may be (slightly) right – who would have thought?

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