One year old

Say happy birthday to EXMNA! It’s their one year anniversary.

This month, Ex-Muslims of North America celebrated our 1 year anniversary as an organization; we also recently received our 501c3 designation, making us an official charitable organization.

It is difficult to put into words how proud I am of our organization and everyone involved. Since our launch 1 year ago, we added new chapters in 14 major cities across North America. Our members hail from dozens of ethnic and cultural backgrounds, but find commonality in our shared experiences and struggles both as ex-Muslims and as non-theists.

Together, we have fostered a community where we continue to learn from each others’ experiences in both adversity and triumph. I am awed by the character and intelligence of the people I’ve met through this group, and am honored to call them my friends and allies.

Please consider making a small donation to ensure our community continues to grow and prosper. Your donation will help provide safe-spaces for Ex-Muslims and help create a platform to inform the general public about apostasy and reform within Islamic communities. Thank you to everyone in the secular/atheist movement who helped make this organization what it is by continued support and encouragement.

With gratitude,

Sarah Haider
Director of Development

They’re so amazing.


  1. decker says

    I’ve bookmarked their website because they’re sure to have some interesting postings. These are the types of people we need to ‘big’ up.

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