Because of the feministic culture we live in

A loving father.

Meet Annalise. She is my only little princess. She is a gift from God (Ps 127:3) and I do my best to savor every waking second with her. Even as I type this post, she is sitting on my lap. She’s five years old and, like every loving father, I’ll be forced to give her away one day. Until then, my wife and I have the immense opportunity to train her and prepare her to be a woman of God. More specifically, we have the mandate to prepare her to be a wife and mother. To be honest, I have a deep concern for her because of the feministic culture we live in.

Let’s face it; feminism has so influenced American culture that it has infiltrated the Christian culture just as much in more subtle ways. The average Christian woman is not trained from the home, nor encouraged, to find a husband as an alternative to going to college and starting a career. This is sad and unbiblical.

So this guy thinks that a “Christian woman” is required to get married instead of getting an education and having a career. Not just that he thinks that’s a better option, but that that’s what being a Christian woman is, and that not being that is “unbiblical” – whatever the hell that means. (It’s unbiblical to fail to dash your enemies’ infants’ heads against the walls, too.)

When I even suggest the possibility of not sending my daughter to college, I almost always get the stink eye. This grieves me because we have allowed the culture to sear our conscience to the point where the plain reading of Scripture is scoffed at by professing Christians. This is why I have a drive to see our churches be more passionate about Titus 2 than conforming to the cultural expectation of women being independent of man.

It must be like living deep deep deep under ground.


  1. Anthony K says

    This grieves me because we have allowed the culture to sear our conscience to the point where the plain reading of Scripture is scoffed at by professing Christians.

    If you ain’t broke from giving everything you own to your neighbours and trusting in the Lord to provide, this includes you Daddy-O. Needle. Camel. See you in hell. Try not to worry about the fact that as an atheist, I’ll have the home court advantage.

  2. says

    Even that raving lunatic Paul wrote that it is better “not to marry” in the bible. Dude might want to actually read his book.

    Why is it always the atheists who seem to know more about christian teachings than the christians?

  3. Pierce R. Butler says

    Think it through, y’all.

    It will take at least 12 years for Daddy’s Little Princess™ to be ready for college, and by then Jesus will certainly have returned and made that all unnecessary, right? Much better to give that hypothetical savings fund, and of course all prospective retirement money, to The Church, right now!

  4. carlie says

    “trained from the home”. That doesn’t just mean no college, that means no education, period. That means only enough math and English to be able to competently go grocery shopping, and all of the other learning is about being a housewife.

  5. md says

    What this girl, and all other girls, clearly need is 100 grand in debt for a master’s degree in the humanities. QED.

  6. johnthedrunkard says

    Titus 2:9
    Exhort servants to be obedient unto their own masters, and to please them well in all things; not answering again;

  7. says

    Anecdotal story, at almost the same time period in the 70s/80s/90s:
    * I grew up in a rural Christian area in the Midwest, my aunt and uncle who lived near us had five girls and one boy. My uncle didn’t allow (or at least *actively* didn’t support) any of the girls to get secondary education (college/university). They were supposed to get married and make babies. He only had two grandchildren before he died, so much for his plan.
    * My wife grep up in the Middle East, in a rural Muslim area. She is one of six girls and has one brother. Her mother didn’t go to school and her father only went as far as middle school. But, they expected all of the girls (and the boy) to get a secondary education and to be able to support themselves. They all did.

    Of course, the above isn’t really representative generally. Just to extend this anecdote: Many of the women in the area where I grew up have gone to college/jobs and many of the women in my wife’s home town are non-working housewives. But, asshats like Karl (coincidentally, the same name as my backward uncle, maybe there’s something about dudes named Karl…) exist in our “enlightened” culture.

  8. OlliP says

    Looking at this from a viewpoint in nothern Europe it’s hard to imagine that the link @#1 is not a parody. How fitting the video post by PZ a few days ago of the ex-quiverfull front woman.

  9. Jackie says

    There is a local Christian homeschooling group near me where the boys are taught to play chess and the girls are taught to cook and sew.

    That sort of thing is why my family does not participate in any local homeschool groups. Around here, they’re Duggar family creepy.

    Of course, you don’t have to look to homeschoolers to find that attitude here. This is Fox News territory. It’s everywhere.

  10. Katydid says

    @Jackie; are you me? We homeschooled our oldest for high school because he was ready for college classes in some areas, but still needed high school classes for others. We got into a program that allows qualified high-schoolers to take college classes at a reduced price, and supplemented with an accredited academic online curriculum for the rest. Spending time with the homeschoolers in our area was always like walking on eggshells because the vast majority of homeschooling mommies were all batshit insane conservatives and the kids were so very, very naive and sheltered from standard American culture.

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