In Oxford

Taslima is at the World Humanist Congress in Oxford. You could do worse than take a look at her Twitter stream for happy news and pictures from the Sheldonian and nearby.

Like the view from her room:

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From my window. Look where I am staying now. A famous college at Oxford university. Founded in 1264.

Not bad eh?

And Taslima in the Sheldonian:

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  1. latsot says

    Taslima told me off for not being there. She’s right, why aren’t I there?

    Because I’m a complete idiot, that’s why.

  2. says

    I saw that.
    So you would have gone if you’d thought of it? That’s so sad!
    You know about PZ’s talk in Hebden Bridge next week right? Organized by Maureen? Bernard Hurley will be there? You should go to that, so.

  3. Al Dente says

    That patch of lawn in the first picture is a special lawn. If anyone (other than the gardeners) walks on it, the wrath of the college will come down on them, not to mention the hidden bear traps which will rip off their legs.

  4. latsot says


    I’ve known about it for ages and was planning to go from the minute I heard. I still plan to go but there are timing difficulties that might interfere. Juggling….juggling…. I’m still not sure why so many people seem to want me to emerge, blinking, into the light, but perhaps they’re right.

    As I mentioned on Twitter, there’s also a tech festival ( in Hebden Bridge this weekend. It’s the sort of thing I ought to have known about but didn’t. Worryingly. I’m hoping to go and see Ruth Coustick-Deal of the Open Rights Group on the Friday. A topic that ought to be of interest to all skeptics.

  5. latsot says

    NOTE: I was talking about PZ’s talk in my last comment, not the WHC. I didn’t make that clear. I also knew about the WHC and idiocy wasn’t my only reason for not going, although it played a part. I’m also busy changing careers, terrifyingly.

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