“Why aren’t there more women on YouTube?”

Wait wait wait wait. This was two months ago.

What the hell happened to her after that??

Update: Ok well I rushed this post before watching the whole short video, bad bad me. She hasn’t changed all that much. After a surprising beginning she says

Now I know people are going to leave me comments on this video saying how men on YouTube also get a lot of hate too, and I’m not trying to be a feminist, I never have said that, but be honest, I mean when’s the last time you’ve ever seen a man accused of sleeping their way to the top or when you’ve seen a man on YouTube be told that their videos are great on mute and they make great fapping material, come on.

Now I know I probably just made this sound awful but ladies who are out there listening to this, don’t leave me alone, make videos, speak your mind, because honestly, it’ll be harder to criticize whenever an outspoken woman is not such a rarity. I will support you, tweet me your videos, I will share them.

One: she should get a clue about what feminism actually is so that she can stop saying stupid things about feminism.

Two: she should get a clue about the outspoken atheist women who already are outspokenly speaking out so that she can stop claiming to be alone. She should also get a clue that videos are not the only possible medium for being outspoken; writing is also a fine old tradition, and many of us actually prefer reading to watching videos, because it’s much quicker and we can do it at our own pace instead of the video personality’s pace. She should also think hard about what her patron has done to drive outspoken women out of atheism.


  1. Seven of Mine, formerly piegasm says

    Doesn’t sound like much of anything happened to her. She still disavowed being a *le gasp* feminist.

  2. says

    Ophelia sez:

    and many of us actually prefer reading to watching videos, because it’s much quicker and we can do it at our own pace instead of the video personality’s pace.

    I’m very much part of that “many of us”.

  3. Blanche Quizno says

    But…but…she’s the *PRETTY* one! THAT’s what makes her unique and special – and SOOOOOO not a “feminist”!

  4. says

    She’s so close. The compartmentalization walls are thin in places.

    She needs to more closely look at the differences between the kind of hate that women and men tend to get in comments, and notice that she is complaining about things that feminists also complain about. It just looks like sensitivity to the word feminism to me. I practice such sensitivity myself but usually strategically so that I can point out group-think and irrational feeling about words like feminism, as well as being careful that I don’t misuse words feminism myself. But that does not prevent being able to demand that others back up their assertions about feminism and other words of sensitivity.

  5. says

    No, she’s just accidentally a feminist. @@ Maybe she can get over it, realize she has feminist thoughts in there, and figure out that “feminist” doesn’t mean “Man-Murdering CommuNazi from Planet Evil”. If she keeps on keeping calm and using logic. (Some factual input required.)

    Maybe its a tactic? If not necessarily a good one. Accommodation isn’t going to reach those sexist asshats.

    Aside: I find the phrase “outspoken woman” to be cringe-inducing. It seems self-referentially sexist to me.

    And yes, generally i hear about someone on YouTube, my initial response is “who?”. It’s the visual Dragon Naturally Speaking For Those Who Can’t Be Bothered. And her slew of additional links, like so many others, are social cheez whiz. Great for contact, nothing substantial. I think there are a lot of smart people who need to get past the connectivity-for-its-own-sake aspect of modern social media and produce more substantial work if they really want to have their message heard (and backed up by evidence).

    I honestly have no idea how good this YouTuber is otherwise, since one of my faults is that I can’t be arsed sit and watch and listen to vids 95% of the time. Glenn’s titles look good, if they are any indicator, but I’m much more inclined to read here.

  6. deepak shetty says

    One: she should get a clue about what feminism actually is so that she can stop saying stupid things about feminism.
    Its ironic to me , how so many atheists who fight against the stupid stuff that seem to get attached to the atheist label (immoral , nihilistic etc etc) do the same to feminism

  7. =8)-DX says

    This was exactly before I unsubscribed from her channel. I thought she was almost getting it… later it was obvious she didn’t and put out a string of sub-par denialist-style videos.

    Otherwise it’s really weird now that I think about it, that she actually said “where are the atheist women” on YouTube:

    ZOMGitsCriss, LaciGreen, LittleKripotkin, Rebecca Watson, ThePeachXXX, Zinnia Jones alongside other examples… and then the sciencey channels like Sally Le Page, Vihart, Bite Sci-zed, PhD, sexplanations…

    plus umpteen active atheist women either commenting, debating, making response videos, etc. And all of them have talked about or had to directly deal with this issue multiple times before. Duh – it’s terrible to see the way the mere mention of the word “feminist” in a video seems to make Jaclyn ignore it’s points completely. Ironic is that Jaclyn has made so many videos on how demonizing atheists or the word “atheist” is so harmful, and that people should actually listen to what atheists have to say.

    The main thing is that seems to blind her to this is being friends with TJ and Dusty and other feminist bashers on YouTube. She’d have to admit that she’s been friends with misogynist assholes for the past few years.

  8. drken says

    She thinks that if she trashes feminists enough, her fans will listen to her when she brings up women’s issues, because she’s not one of those hairy legged, man hating, patriarchy blaming, radial feminists. She doesn’t realize that her fan’s definition of radical feminist is any woman not currently bashing other feminists for ignoring the needs of men.

  9. Great American Satan says

    The link @ten includes a swipe at “twitter feminists” and the top comment is by the demigoddess of Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists, Cathy the hate criminal Brennan.


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