The daily shooting

Today’s is in Oregon.

A gunman has shot dead a student at a school in the US state of Oregon, and he is also dead, police said.

“The student has died. I’m very, very sorry for the family,” said Troutdale police chief Scott Anderson.

Shots were reported at Reynolds High School in Troutdale on Tuesday morning when the suspect opened fire using a semi-automatic weapon.

A well-regulated militia.


  1. deepak shetty says

    well the conservative/libertarian meaning of well-regulated (when it comes to guns, private businesses etc) is “none”

  2. drken says

    There are a lot of ways to commit suicide, but if you use a gun and take somebody with you, now you can be famous too. There’s a video somewhere of a forensic psychologist calling out the media for making a huge, sensationalized deal of these incidents. He told them if they want these to stop, they have to stop keeping score (biggest massacre ever!) and publishing the assailants name. But, I’m sure CNN/Fox/MSNBC won’t listen.

  3. K says

    Violent offenders often have a lower verbal IQ than the non-violent. They’re too stupid to get out their angry-wangries using their words so they get all apey and beat things with sticks.

  4. johnthedrunkard says

    Well, Lapierre and co. over at the NRA seemed to have snipped that ‘regulation’ thing right out of the second amendment.

    And with the avalanche of gun violence. The media STILL don’t seem to know what ‘semi-automatic’ actually means. No wonder they’re willing to parrot anything that’s handed to them. It’s so much easier than actually, you know, DOING journalism.

  5. RJW says

    I forgot about Switzerland , the concept of a ‘well regulated militia’ seems to have been applied successfully in that country.

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