1. stewart says

    Of course it isn’t and of course it is Photoshopped (not too badly, judging by your comment). The funny thing is – I have actually been in the pope’s screening room (in 1990, this was) and have a picture I haven’t yet been able to find again. It’s not at all ornate, large and white and quite simple, as I recall (it could, of course, have changed since then). Large screen and above it an almost equally large cross. If I had found it, it wouldn’t have been useful for this purpose.

  2. stewart says

    Paying an official visit to the Vatican Film Archive, as a representative of an Israeli film archive.

  3. stewart says

    The Spanish Monsignor then in charge was quite friendly; what was amusing was that he was so obsessed with Spanish football that at one point he had to excuse himself to get the latest scores.

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