Rodger’s utopia

David Futrelle starts a post on Elliot Rodger with a horrible chart he says Rodger posted.

A chart posted by Elliot Rodger, giving his chilling spin on a manosphere meme depicting supposed female "hypergamy"

I couldn’t even figure it out at first, but then I did.

But his killing spree had nothing to with misogyny. Never forget that. It was just his own individual quirkiness.


  1. naturalcynic says

    In Rodger’s post-revolutionary world, the crosses on the male side would be the three at the top, since he was firmly against those “who got all the action”. And there would be a few on the female side left with arrows pointing at Rodger.

  2. says

    Does anyone have a source link to the chart? It does not seem immediately obvious from Futrelle’s place. I like to have original sources to my arguments stored.

  3. karmacat says

    I think The Mirror published it but I’m not sure. I just noticed one male is dead which I assume is Elliott Rodger

  4. James Worrad says

    Anyone notice the woman stick figure at the top of the second female line doesn’t have an arrow pointing at anyone? Not even the ‘top’ male. Might there be some significance in that? And, if so, what? It just seems an odd omission considering the point the charts trying to make, crazy and evil as it is.

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