Quick, impeach someone!

The American Family Association’s Diane Gramley wants Congress to impeach John Jones because hey FAMILY.

Diane Gramley of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania tells OneNewsNow she’s looking to Congress to take action against judges like John Jones. 

“Congress has the ability in the U.S. Constitution to begin impeachment proceedings,” she explains. “When you look at these judges – not only Judge Jones here in Pennsylvania, but other federal judges who are handing down these decisions – their actions are unconstitutional.”

I have doubts about her constitutional scholarship.

The AFA of Pennsylvania put out a press statement on the decision yesterday. Of course it did. It says right in the title that the ruling is wrong.

Judge John Jones’ decision today to declare Pennsylvania’s Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) unconstitutional comes as no surprise.   He made the same type mistake in his 2005 decision in the Dover Area School District intelligent design case forbidding even the mention of an alternative theory to the theory of evolution.   The American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA) condemns Jones’ continued judicial activism as he steps out of line with other judges who are redefining marriage with their wrong-headed decisions. We call on Governor Tom Corbett to appeal this outrageous decision.

Ignorance, superstition and hatey bigotry united together under the badge of “family”…It’s a good thing there are good families with decent people in them out there, or the AFA would give the whole idea a bad name.

“Today’s 41-page decision from Judge Jones  throws out the majority vote of Pennsylvania’s House and Senate back in 1996 when DOMA passed. He has overstepped his constitutional authority by usurping the General Assembly of its legislative power. Jones further complains on pages 34 and 35 that even though 17 bills have been introduced in the PA legislature that would give homosexuals special rights – including “marriage” — there’s no guarantee that they will pass . . . so he has to step in and create his own law by throwing out our law protecting marriage,” notes Diane Gramley, president of the AFA of PA.

In his decision Jones predicts the term same-sex marriage will disappear and be replaced simply by marriage. The AFA of PA could not disagree more strongly. The average Pennsylvanian fully understands marriage is only between one man and one woman and any other arrangement is not marriage.

“Homosexual activists have found allies in unelected federal judges who circumvent the will of the people. These judges are not answerable to the people for their decisions as the people have no say through the ballot box as to whether the judge stays or goes after such outrageous decisions.   Unelected judges making laws from the bench are not what the Founding Fathers intended and that is fully outlined in the US Constitution. We redefine family and marriage, the bedrock of society, at our peril, ” further commented Gramley.

Who clearly doesn’t know what she’s talking about.


  1. Maureen Brian says

    So, if a history teacher far away in the Isle of Man and in the 1950s used the design of the US Constitution to teach each year in a 550-student school about the need for checks and balances in a political system, etc, etc. and at some length – as part of the discussion of what happens when they don’t exist – then how come no-one told the poor people of Pennsylvania about all this?

    It’s a disgrace, I tell you.

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