Beautiful simplicity

Texas Freedom Network points and laughs at David Barton’s views on why the Constitution forgot to say that women could vote. He says it’s because the family is one, not many.

And you have to remember back then, husband and wife, I mean the two were considered one. That is the biblical precept. That is the way they looked at them in the civil community. That is a family that is voting and so the head of the family is traditionally considered to be the husband and even biblically still continues to be so …

See? It makes perfect sense. The family is one, and that one is the husband. Everybody else doesn’t count (until the male children grow up of course, but Barton forgets to explain about that), because the husband is the head and the family is one. It eliminates all confusion and arguing.




  1. Crimson Clupeidae says

    So, like the bibull, the constitution is also perfect? Just a matter of interpretation, I guess…..

  2. lpetrich says

    That’s what I call the deep-sea-anglerfish theory of the family, but with the sexes reversed.

  3. says

    Barton is, of course, the same “historian” whose book about Thomas Jefferson was voted “the least credible history book in print.” He’s a revisionist whose goal is to recast history in what Andrew Sullivan would call “christianist” terms, and frankly, a pretty nasty piece of work.

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