Welcome home; this may pinch a little

Oh, horrors. Afusat Saliu is being deported from the UK to Nigeria today with her two very young daughters. The daughters will be cut up there.

Afusat Saliu, 31, and her two children aged one and three, face deportation to Nigeria on Friday. Saliu, who was a victim of female genital mutilation (FGM) as a child, has appealed to the Home Office on the grounds that her daughters could face FGM if sent back to their home country. But her appeal was rejected on Thursday. Nigeria has the highest number of genitally mutilated women in the world.

Sometimes it seems like trying to tidy a beach by picking up a grain of sand and then another and then another…



  1. johnthedrunkard says

    Can anyone put word out so the other passengers can stop the flight? A mass refusal to ‘buckle in’ has been used in such a case.

  2. quixote says

    I guess it makes sense that bureaucrats who aren’t human can’t recognize humanity. I wonder what they think women are? Pets that hang around the house? Trained animals who can perform chores? Realistic animatronic things that run on water and food?

  3. says

    It seems like every other month, I hear about the UK refusing amnesty to someone who is likely to be killed, mutilated, imprisoned, or violated when they are deported to their “home” country.

    What I wonder about, because I rarely hear about it, is what the US is doing along the same lines. Every time one hears about immigration, it’s always about Mexicans (I guess Cubans aren’t so popular a topic any more – I don’t recall ever hearing much about Cubans since Elian Gonzalez). But we certainly have immigrants and asylum-seekers from other countries and more dire situations. How many do we hand right back over to their oppressors?

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