God’s fans are up in arms, of course.


Kenniston Vogel
If you don’t believe in god, that’s fine…burn in hell….but when you start missing with my country and falsifying facts. That’s where I have a problem. You need to get your few thousand followers and get the hell out of my country. I have a few friends that would be more than happy to help let me name a few. The Lacs, Moccasin Creek, the US U.S. Army, The U.S. Marines, NRA. The Jawga Boyz. This is just to name a few fokes that I know would love to help you GET THE HELL OUT OF MY UNITED STATES. Amen

God loves a hater, I guess.


  1. Al Dente says

    Hey Vogel, it’s my country too. If you don’t like what I say and my right to say it, then you can leave.

  2. Pliny the in Between says

    DAMN! Another blown irony meter! Mr Vogel rants about leaving the country if you don’t like it, while sporting a CSA flag the only organized attempt to do just that in our Nation’s history.

  3. Seth says

    Pliny, you don’t understand that the CSA was trying to preserve the Founding Fathers’ vision of a ‘true’ Republic, while it was those goddamned Yankees that was a-snortin’ and a-tearin’ all over the galdurnned Constitution. True fact.

  4. moarscienceplz says

    Ummm, yeah… proudly displaying the Traitors’ Flag while claiming the privilege of deciding who can and who can’t live in the U.S.A.

  5. Blanche Quizno says

    Yet another scathing example of Christian love.

    Isn’t it interesting how Christian love is identical to Christian hate?

  6. steffp says

    Which USA is he talking about? That is the flag of the CSA he’s flying. Correct me if I’m wrong (I’m not a US-citizen), but didn’t the CSA try to secede from the USA, and rather unsuccessfully so? And what has that Southern Obesity band Mocassin Creek and the teeth-tattooed guys of Jawga boyz to do with all that?
    Is this the folklorist biannual “Rising of the South” or what?
    Neither the U.S.Army nor the Marines ever fought under the CSA flag, moron.

  7. Eric Riley says

    The Lacs, Moccasin Creek, the US U.S. Army, The U.S. Marines, NRA. The Jawga Boyz..

    I only recognize three of those names, and two of them take an oath to support the free speech he wants to suppress…

    What the hell are ‘The Lacs’, ‘Moccasin Creek’, and ‘The Jawga Boyz’? I would Google, but it’s more fun to speculate…

  8. Pliny the in Between says

    Besides, it isn’t his country! – the Koch bothers already hold the title fair and square.

  9. Crimson Clupeidae says

    Blanche Quizno@6:

    Yet another scathing example of Christian love.

    More importantly, IMO, is that this is example #1,294,405,305,038 of why this is clearly NOT ceremonial deism, or a harmless display of such. This is a divisive issue, and clearly the xians of the US see it as a dominance display of sorts.

    Me? I prefer not to be proverbially peed on every morning.

    Ironically, growing up in the military, and going to DoD schools for a good part of my childhood, the only times I remember saying the pledge were a short time during 1st grade when I lived with my aunt, and not anywhere near a military base.

  10. johnthedrunkard says

    And of course, the Confederate constitution DOES include explicit references to god and Jesus.

    Someone needs to remind them that they, and their ‘values’ were DEFEATED in 1865.

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