God loves poverty, ignorance and death

So Boko Haram has won – Nigeria has closed down 85 schools in north-eastern Borno, affecting nearly 120,000 students, because of the danger of more murderous attacks by the Islamist thugs.

Islamic militants have burned down scores of schools in attacks that have killed hundreds of students. Other schools fearful of attacks have closed in Yobe and Adamawa states.

“We have run out of excuses for our failure to live up to our responsibility to protect our innocent defenceless children from gratuitous violence,” the speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, told legislators at a special session last week to mourn the latest victims – 59 students killed at a boarding school in neighbouring Yobe state on 25 February. Extremists locked some of the students into a dormitory and set it alight.

“Extremists” my ass – sadistic mass murderers, is what they are.

The school closures could have far-reaching consequences, including ending the education of some students in a region where few ever have the opportunity to get to high school, said the chairman of the Nigerian Human Rights Commission, Chidi Anselm Odinkalu.

“The average secondary school enrolment is slightly under 5% (in north-eastern Nigeria), so I think it’s easy to understand that you cannot overestimate what the consequences of this could be, given the parlous state of education in the region and the fact that, clearly, whoever is orchestrating this is focused on targeting schools, educational institutions,” he said.

It just makes you want to bang your head against a wall – people wanting to stop education and ensure more and worse poverty. Look at a very impoverished reason with a horrifically low rate of education, and bend every nerve to make it much worse. Pleasing “god” by making more humans more miserable.


  1. noxiousnan says

    Your title says it all. That is exactly what god wants and needs in order to maintain a strangle hold on the human race. Perhaps the reason theists so often think atheists are angry at god is that they understand why we would be. Before I dropped my god delusion, I wanted nothing to do with such a being.

  2. leni says

    It just makes you want to bang your head against a wall…

    Oh it makes me want to bang someone’s head against a wall, just not mine.

  3. says

    What else can they do? It’s not as if Nigeria is one of those petro states with billions to spend on protecting their citizens instead of using the money for bigger estates and Swiss bank accounts for corrupt politicians.

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